As subatomic particles endure in the form of energy products, energy conservation plays a key role. This implies that string energy will resolve physically and then be drawn back to its source seeking potential equilibrium much like a pendulum. During its cycle, and since energy seeks potential equilibrium, physical manifestation receives source string energy in order to manifest or discharge its lifecycle instructions.


The soul, being an energy component, must also observe conservation laws according to the previous E(w)formula. Given that dimensions are the designed creative source of intelligence and expression, of which the soul is likewise built from, then not only are atoms designed above this plane, but also the soul. Therefore, the soul's energy collaborative component must be elastic, alternating energy payloads between higher and lower dimensional phases or planes. Thus, life expresses in multi-dimensional levels, is convergent, conserved, and evolves to its logical pre-determined design in due lifecycles.

Each lifecycle plays a critical dynamic role in gaining intelligent energy equilibrium by discharging polarizing intelligence into its dimensional strata in order to obtain energy balance. Unlike static atomic forms, the soul is dynamic, evolutionary, establishing a physical channel of expression, or reincarnation, to discharge equalizing IQ.

Just as energy cannot be created or destroyed, only altered and conserved, neither can the soul be created or destroyed. Its many states of consciousness are evidence to its multi-layered structure, meaning it is multi-dimensional in all its expressive aspects. And just as conscious states happen during normal life, and energy cannot be destroyed, that conscious experience at this physical plane must also express, act in recurrent cycles, and evolve at its various dimensional states. Physical consciousness is one such state. It cannot be destroyed, but must express in cycles due to its conserved energy potential until it is altered.

What is normally implied as re-incarnation is nothing more than stored dimensional potential on a string cycle, recurring until its energy and frequency are altered such that its physical state is raised above the physical plane. As an energy component, it is elastic in nature. It gathers energy and depletes energy according to elastic conservation according to the following equation:

x” normally implies distance. Dimensionally, it implies conjunction with a duration factor that limits the presence of energy at both elastic potential and its resting form. It is the demodulation of stored potential force that brings the lifecycle down to its normal equilibrium point or plane and works together with x and f. All energy states seek potential and equilibrium. Elastic lifecycles are no different. Thus, we see that both soul and life are byproducts of universal strings involving energy conservation, elasticity, and dimensional existence.

In conclusion, consciousness is an energy lifecycle patterned after universal dimensional creative intelligence which expresses and evolves no different than all other energy forms in countless states of energy vibration, states, and planes.