Dimensional manifest

To better understand scalar progression and the specific environment whence strings originate, we must subdivide our analysis into the nature of intelligence, central repositories, and most important of all, consider the scope of resultant creative artifact universality and the omnipresence of string patterns. Omnipresence meaning all the same, everywhere, anytime.

Since strings carry out a service, they are therefore intelligent. They have the ability to infer information, and retain it as instructions to be applied toward adaptive behaviors within an environment or context. As such, each string frequency is an intelligence quotient with relative potential to other frequencies and amplitudes within the closed string circuit. Therefore, strings are subject matter experts of a specific functional intelligent recipe that is both tailored and preserved by their environment.

The picture to the left shows the universal spectral resonant response for specific atoms, their fingerprints per say. Spectral frequency lines tell an important story about what produced them and stand as key master portals for purposes of scalar resonant activation. They stand the test of universal time and distance, implying that atomic portals result from consistent string interactions, their resultant waveforms shown as spectral lines.

Being universal in nature, strings must have a central source whence they obtain each atom's specific brand pattern, an atomic configuration database controlling atomic standards, placement, and duration irrelevant of time and space. This repository cannot be physical due to universal consistent spread, but rather dimensionally "shared." The mechanism that creates strings and provides the necessary energy potential to push them as waveforms into the physical plane, and where, is theorized in the following pages. We will call this central repository a "vortex."


The scope of creative consistency as it applies to matter spans from the most minute of atomic units up into molecules, cells, highly evolved forms, and even planetary systems. There is a basic universal theme of form convergence whose most complex characteristics are unleashed at required levels, meaning that atoms deploy their full complement of instructions when and where needed. This indicates that harmonic stimulus or frequency bands control intelligence release points much like a radio dial. The atom transmits several frequency fronts at the same time much like "energy portals." These portals activate based on interaction with other form portals at some scalar level, a point where compatible frequencies meet, resonance between them occurs, and forms combine to establish a higher expressionary form. When resonant compatibility occurs, specific atomic frequency bands link harmonically, and pre-designed payload intelligent functions for that resonance level activate. When the majority of frequencies have similitude, you have attraction, otherwise repulsion occurs with greater incongruity. This gives rise to gravitational, EM, strong, and weak forces.

Physical sequential manifest

Physical artifact construct


Strings express as energy units and can be considered "intelligent" instruction sets. All strings possess specific resolving intelligence (IQ) or "instruction recipes" in the form of pulsing energy. These create a physical medium "tone" or ingredient that draws to itself compatible timbres, clustering together to form constant universal atomic artifacts of equal content due to equally consistent string contents. When combined, strings interact, create harmonics like musical tones, and these in turn give rise to carriers and compound vibrating artifacts. These artifacts then combine with others until they form the various physical units we know of as atoms, progressively scalar to create lifeforms and universal constructs. Matter's consistency and convergence indicates intelligent design.

Every scalar level of string interaction, from pristine string units to harmonically related artifacts and compound structures, lead to the consistent formation of standard atomic forms and series types across the universe. These forms combine to make more complex forms in "scalar progression," or increasingly complex evolving collaboration, indicating that strings are basic resonant energy packets, like DNA genomes, designed to support specific functional matter components that rationally combine and repeatedly build standard objects. Human cells contain the same DNA structures, yet carry out different cellular functions depending where they are in the body. Likewise, matter contains specific string-DNA groupings that form specific atoms and particles, interact with other atoms in a standard way, and provide higher bonding functions depending on their collaborative placement along the progressive scale. e.g., the formation of consistent molecular structures and plasma crystals into biological forms is a standard driven by design codes inherent to their most common creative denominator: strings.

Mass manifest

String repositories provide isolation from other strings so ingredient purity is not affected by preliminary interaction with others before embedding into the intended environment. That is not to say that pure strings themselves are not the resilient outcome of dimensional activities before these become pure at their stage of existence. Yet another reason atoms are not physical but designed and dispatched from dimensional perspectives. This implies that string isolation is achieved by residing in their own dimension, a basic precept of string processing. If strings are dimensional, then dimensional begets physical and not the other way around.


To settle the question of whether physical particle enablers exist or not, since the source of matter is standard, brought about by dimensional vibrating energy packets, particles are not physical. If atoms are not physical, then our bodies are also not physical. All matter is manifested as some type of dimensional pulsing energy waveform. Likewise, the body's intelligence base cannot be physical and must be composed of dimensional intelligent energy. Known as the soul, expressive intelligence cannot exist independent from dimensional energy, being no different than the energy that manifests atoms, yet dynamically self determining and thus evolutionary. Given that all energy interactions take place in dimensional planes and demodulate to our plane via interacting string artifacts, dimensions are the source for intelligent expression. Thus, the soul is composed of the same architecture or schema as atoms, follows the same energy relationships, and has its own isolated repository or vortex that internalizes all intelligent experience or waveform energy interactions.

Artifact deployment in sequential space/time

Orbital IQ repository

Orbital IQ repository




Extending the formula further, we can estimate the string's carrier frequency as follows:

In order to support scalar convergence, strings must carry a full complement of instructions and deploy them at the scalar level desired as explained above. For example, say that a specific harmonic resonance within a string or group of strings creates the relevant aspect of an atom, leaving other frequency constituents unused. For a higher form, say the bonding of that atom into a molecule or protein, requires the activation of otherwise previously unused string harmonics or spectrum bands. In other words, the interaction of strings with one another, and the expression of intelligence, determines what resonant frequencies to activate. This activation is seen in nature in what is termed frequency relationship, harmonic similitude, or the response attained when energy vibrates. As such, relationship building and adequate response activation is standard, controlled by the environment, and thus inherent in the design of the string itself. In other words, intelligence is conversant at various levels keyed by resonance.

To better understand the relationship between strings and their specific intelligence factors, we must consider that energy is an elemental function of a number of phased frequencies that compose the string, this string being a closed self-regenerating unit rather than open line, thus residing in dimensions where entropy and potential dampening (cause agents that include time and space) are not a factor.


For our discussion, we begin by establishing that everything is energy, and energy is purpose-driven to do work. It cannot be created or destroyed, only altered. This implies that energy carries intelligence, a duty force that manifests physical phenomena. But which came first, energy or intelligence, or are they one and the same? Since energy is a moving force, a messenger, and the instructions that ride on energy are intelligent, intelligence is both the message and the force dispatcher, the duty itself, meaning that intelligence is the hand that manifests energy because, without it, energy would be a motionless force. In the ultimate sense, everything is intelligence, and intelligence is "mind." We will look at this concept further which will help explain the nature of reality.

While energy can be likened to a medium, intelligence defines what happens "with" the medium, and what it is used for. Intelligence is comparative by the nature of its make up which is vibrational, polar, and vectored, giving rise upon interacting with each other to derivative tiered intelligence, subharmonics, substrates of a higher duty, and planes of physical reality. This is a critical attribute of this treatise. We should be in search not of energy but the intelligence behind it, though energy will lead us to it and energy is intelligence in motion.

Vortex replication from repository master

In the formulas above, iq(s) is an intelligence quotient created by a pulsing energy element F that contains any number of frequencies interacting at a variety of phases "phi," limited in engagement scope by resonance R(n)IQ(s) is a quotient conglomerate that can describe a resultant form, ingredient, expressive intelligence, or matter. Each "iq" is an element or ingredient, integrated with other iq's to create a recipe for a scalar resonance level R(y).

If pristine strings are intelligent due to instruction content, then the energy that brings them about also carries intelligence, playing a creative role in the myriad of functional instructions and their interactions across the cosmos. Since subatomic particles, and atoms themselves, are convergent, the source of manifested intelligence and creative expressive purpose (strings) is universal.

In simplest form, a string contains a number of frequencies of varying amplitude, rates, and phases. These regenerate by the nature of their harmonic stability in cyclic regenerative state, indestructively conserved. Once manifested in our dimension, strings sequentially and repeatedly discharge their instruction payload whose energy manifest resolves into what we know as "mass."

The equations below exemplify individual potential energy payloads as a frequency, integrated within other energy contributing frequencies in a conserved rotating closed string. The integrated sum of these frequencies produces the illusion of mass. The picture to the right exemplifies a simple rotating energy complement deploying sequentially into physical mass-producing space: