The future is competence, innovation, and automation. Assumed abandoned IT department, data center/call centers in ruins, and no IT staff. Chaired international teams developing Cemex’s Hormitec cement batch system and corporate policies. Re-staffed and realigned Western US region, streamlined production and financial software applications. Responsible for Western IT staff of 5, two data centers, call center and truck radio operations. Supported 35 batching locations and 250 users. Lead VAX/Harris administrator.


Sr. IT Global Processes and Management, 2007 – 2017

   Charon/VAX Administration

   DEC/DBMS Codasyl Admin
   IBM Gateway Admin
   Data Center Design, Admin
   DEC/Pathworks Admin
   VAX/VMS Administration
   DEC Technical Service, Install
   SCCM Desired Configuration Mgr
   SCCM Service Level DashBoard

   Windows 2000 Admin

   Burr-Brown TDL/SCADA

  • Rebuilt data center and call center with zero service downtime and limited budget
  • Developed truck scheduling model software, negotiated radio/tower contracts
  • Upgraded national sites to new Harris 20/20 PBX, Centigram vmail standards, and VoIP WAN communications on AT&T cloud, reduced WAN costs 25%, voice services 65%

certifications and training

Responsible for mission critical $2M/minute MRPII and VAX/DBMS cluster systems, Consilium Workstream, Pathworks/Banyan/Novell end-user network sharing, and 3,500 users. Assignments: Intel Corp, Honeywell Space Satellite Ops Center.

Security and standards baked into all enterprise deliverables, door-to-rack. Developed industry-first vulnerability management framework and governance policies, compliance tracking processes, security and social engineering assessments, patch automation initiatives, asset management, process workload modeling software, data center BMS, resumption processes, and dashboard metrics for business and ICS critical environments. Managed global zero-down data centers, infrastructure, and $10M/minute financial systems. Responsible for 2 managers, 35 specialists, staff realignment, and budgeting, supporting 32,000 users, 68,000 business assets, and 500,000 ICS systems across 788 global locations in 160 countries.



   Rapid7 Nexpose Admin
   Ruby/PowerShell scripting
   Red Hat Linux
   Planview Project Portfolio Mgt
   AS/400 Systems Admin/Tuning
   Harris 20/20 PBX Admin

   Consilium Workstream

   Focus SQL


GSEC 401 Fundamentals

PMI ceritification

AWS Architect Associate

  • Consolidated 40 Americas data centers, domains, midrange systems to 5 NOCs, reduced personnel 90%, provided $12M/year ROI in 5 months
  • Implemented R-ATM/ OC3 links between NOCs, renovated local LAN/WAN equipment, VoIP solutions, new call centers using Cisco Avvid
  • Domestic AutoDesk contract administration, deployment, use, and training
  • Novell to Windows migration
  • Increased systems availability to 6 sigma, data centers to ISR 8.5

MIDWEST AIRLINES, Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Data Communications and Project Manager, 2002 – 2007​

IT CONSULTANT, Forsyth, Illinois

IT Security Project Manager, 2014 – Present





In progress

In progress

​In progress

Highly dedicated, results oriented IT manager devoted to motivate, transform, secure, innovate, and deliver business goals. Extensive 30-year experience in vulnerability management, security assessment, data center/desktop operations, project management, ICS-critical environments, and concept-to-value lifecycles. Leverages leadership and communication skills to deliver value, global solutions, and high performance. Analytical and forward thinking change agent who uses team-building and collaboration to enhance core business standards and competency.

IT CONSULTING, Systems Consultant, Phoenix, Arizona, 1993 – 1995

850 Stevens Creek Blvd, Forsyth, IL  62535   ●   (217) 433 - 6663   ●

Roberto M. Gaetan

ABB CORP, New Berlin, Wisconsin
Sr. IT Consolidation Manager for the Americas, 1998 – 2002​



Value through excellence and standard processes. Developed Centers of Excellence governance committee to define global standards, consolidate IT resources, realign and manage Automation Segment IT departments. Designed and led global consolidation team and migration project with $10M/year budget. Responsible for infrastructure, communications, end-user support, data center services, 8 managers and 450 specialists. Supported 18,000 Americas users, 1,000 server and midrange systems, 80 helpdesks, 222 locations in 100 countries. Lead AS/400 and VAX administrator.

  • TripWire and Rapid7 scan solutions, resolved asset gaps in business and ICS networks, SCADA specialized scans, DCM policies and certification
  • Installed/maintained scan engines in Ubuntu and Microsoft Windows (240 sites, 92 scanners)
  • PC/Server build policy/vulnerability scan/mitigation process before deployment
  • Automated vulnerability/policy compliance reports, patch tracking, ticketing, priority, assignment, audits, and IAM governance
  • Developed compliance/vulnerability dashboards by region, OS, vulnerability, hardware, software vendor
  • Vulnerability/patch management using BatchPatch, WSUS. Developed .NET automated software to schedule and deploy Linux patches. Configured SpaceWalk, administered OMCS patch services
  • Developed and executed SQL/file server patching process using PowerShell, Failover Cluster Manager
  • Scan and patch coordination of LAN/WAN, telephony, printers, appliances, SANs, SCADA assets
  • In-depth pen-tests and assessments including Mandiant, Wombat social engineering evaluations and user training, findings mitigation and incorporation in new system rollouts
  • AWS, IBM, Azure cloud operations, Rapid7/Inspector scans, VPC/EC2 Linux and WordPress computing
  • AWS VPC/EC2/AMI/KMS/S3/Cloudberry deployments on Windows/Linux region instances, 1800 assets, legacy system and M&A platform migrations involving Oracle, SQL, web/HTML/JSON/.NET, Charon/VAX, vulnerability scan/patch with Rapid7/Inspector and AWS RDS patch management
  • Azure cloud legacy and M&A migration, SQL, Windows/Oracle platform, Rapid7 scans
  • Large-scale global server and WAN consolidation, virtualization, mainframe/VAX migration, application upgrades, asset tracking projects. On-time on-budget completion, increased efficiency, 9 month ROI
  • Developed performance optimized datacenter designs, hot-aisle InRow containment
  • Streamlined/automated system administration, 50% FTE reduction

Customer and company values first. Developed IT security and vulnerability management framework in PCI environment, replaced LAN/WAN infrastructure for less than support cost. Rebuilt abandoned IT department with no budget, provided staff coaching, increased flight systems reliability, implemented asset management and operational processes. Responsible for infrastructure, end-user support, communications, facilities, project management. Four data centers, 10 specialists, 53 locations.






Sr. Data Communications Analyst, 1985 – 1993​

Customer satisfaction through perpetual refinement. Developed mission critical Consilium Workstream $1M/hour MRPII shop floor system, leading edge flap drive technology, 20MM phalanx defense system, fluidic/metrology applications to Type I Mil-Std 2167/2168 specs. Responsible for SCADA/DNC systems and design, VAX/Sparc systems, network operations, office automation computing, TQM team chairing, AutoDesk software administration and engineering, 2 specialists, and 40,000 users.

  • Increased systems availability from 93% to 3-sigma
  • Developed VAX automated system monitoring/management software, self-managed/tuned systems
  • Reduced database reorg time 50% through proactive processing, database transaction time 66% through automated tuning processes

Managed team of TEKsystems, Ernst & Young, and Caterpillar security specialists to develop security solutions and governance directives for supplier-provided Connected Asset products/services including IoT, SaaS, IdM, and SDLC initiatives, using Oracle Primavera and MS Project project management tool. This involved forty four ISO 27000/NIST projects providing detect, remediate, protect, educate, and govern tracks. Security/technical advisory governance and project management for ISA 95/62443 factory audits and design across 160 facilities. Audited scan tool effectiveness and mitigation processes (Qualys, Rapid7, Nessus, Fortify, OWASP directives for Connected Software solutions). Developed SCADA and specialized ICS scan templates for various PLC/HMI devices. Analyzed and recommended secure procurement processes, security language, and vendor security certifications. Developed customer ingress/outgress vulnerability reporting, event repositories, tracking, and remediation processes. Carried out social engineering exercises and user training on Wombat (email, call, and USB keys).

 Developed AWS/InMotion/GoDaddy cloud solutions including EC2 sourcing on AWS Linux AMI. Installed SQL/Wordpress native, setup IAM/security framework, redesigned and migrated legacy web applications using .NET, JSON, and HTML. Provided IAM/ImM governance solutions.

  • Deployed multi-entry OC3 ring cloud in highly redundant DS-3/BGP environment
  • Replaced flat network with Cisco 6509 cores, implemented VLANs and Nokia/Checkpoint firewalls
  • Implemented Qualys scan solution, PCI qualifications, and IT security governance
  • Migrated from Novell environment to Windows 2000
  • Implemented hot-site recovery

MIS Manager, Western US Region, 1995 – 1998​