The following segments provide developing information for this treatise, each offering factoids and theories regarding an expanded dimensional view of strings, their function, the source of physical manifestation, and mathematical models that help visualize such workings.

  1. About the atom
  2. The atom in history
  3. Modern atomic theory
  4. Energy and intelligence
  5. String vortex symmetry
  6. Energy conservation
  7. Elastic discharge
  8. Time and space

Fourth dimensional cycle vortex or string

Strings in Planck space units

The science of life field, or the understanding of existence from a scientific point of view, has been subject to pseudo scientists holding fast to controversial knowledge sources and impoverished foundations. Not helping the situation are spiritual dispensators who fight science to minimize its value, replace it with blind faith, and inhibit critical thinking. Then there are those that know some things, for right or wrong, but don't dare step beyond the regiment that gave them notoriety. Thus, the novice, deterrent, and lame minded will not attain factual knowledge of creation and the higher kingdoms because of their fear of objectivity. And as Albert Einstein once said, "The important thing is to never stop questioning," for questioning narrows down erroneous choices and paves the way to new choices never before known.

"The beginnings of wisdom require an inquisitive mind that reveres creation and strives to serve it because of understanding, love, not inhibit or misinterpret creation in haste so that a prevalent figure, rather than creation, is served."

Modern science is much younger than religion and its infancy at times shows. Universal models come and go, years of mathematical work are at times revamped, and outlandish unproven concepts continue to be discussed in professional circles. But that's the beauty of questioning rather than conforming. For science, it is a process of constant refinement where everything must be questioned, tested, and retested until proven beyond a shadow of a doubt; unlike many belief systems.

Scientific avant garde tendency to carve up new horizons of critical thinking have shed new light on the pitfalls of faith and enforced higher ethical value of proof. However, science is too restrictive to consider the works of others not in alignment with its tools under the premise that untested methods are not worthy of consideration. But, what if they are? Science cannot be pure unless it too adopts faith, tolerance for others, and love for any tool for pure thought is not restrictive of method or source and does not wrongly discourage what might be truth.

Science, as the pathfinder, must adopt the highest principles of thought to answer man's ultimate questions of who and what am I. The answer will not be found on any book of faith, as believed by many, but in the language of the cosmos of which we are a part. That is, if science will only listen, regardless of tool or method, and humbly admits where it knows not the path.

This treatise will expose the next chapter of objectivity regarding strings and fourth dimensional science. Science has come a long way and so close to determining the keys to Virtual Space. The answer is within its grasp, but held back by its own restrictions. 60 years ago, Dr. Ernest L. Norman gave the answer, clearly detailed it for science, but it went ignored. Today, science knows unknowingly the same science Dr. Norman described years prior, but has failed to place these findings in the correct dimension. Strings and cyclic energy forms are one and the same thing. This narrative will attempt to prove it.

Soul and Energy

The source of everything - scientific evidence

For some time, the soul has been conceived as a mysterious energy manifestation, a poorly understood "thing" subject to serious scientific scrutiny and with reason. Most of the evidence proving its existence has been visionary at best, while the concept of reincarnation for which it stands has suffered embattlement by the curious and critics alike.

Today, sufficient scientific knowledge exists to prove the soul's existence as well as reincarnation. To understand the science behind the soul, we must first understand the science behind the physical state, and it starts with knowing the forces that manifest the atom.

The following is a brief exposition of energy principles as they apply to cosmic phenomena, and therefrom the soul.

"Science is tolerance, love, and reverence for all intelligent thought, all states of development, all ideas, for in vast prairies the most precious flowers are those that are the hardest to find."