The ore is at times difficult to mold to imagined shape. The furnace may be hotter than usual making the ore uncontrollable. The smith's strength powerful such that every hammer strike against the ore causes sparks to flee from the scene in haste. Nevertheless, it is the language of the smith, the capable heart to mold that horseshoe that no one can judge but let be. Whether the smith toils short or long, strikes hard or soft, it is the will of the smith that it so be and no one can judge it as wrong, only respect what it is and for what purpose it is.

It is thus that I introduce this section without bias, to give a viewing portal of those whose extraordinary smith capabilities attempt to excel in dislodging a difficult story from their being, one scarred by sweat and ache molding their own horseshoe by what means and/or motive they deem possible. As personally experienced, there indeed is a force to Speak-Easy Dr. Ernest Norman's works, a force that hijacked and twisted his mission and works, and from the furnace of affliction rose not a perfect horseshoe but an imaginary "compoundium" of malformed ore and untold injured souls. This page is also not for purposes of rebuttal, but to confirm the grave ill instigated against the works of Dr. Norman, and the proof thereof.

By ANONYMOUS: 7/21/2018

The Unarius Educational Foundation under the guidance of the current board of directors has steered the direction of the center from which they operate into the direction of an ice berg. In their current configuration they will soon be sinking from which there will soon be no return. This is not unlike many lifetimes where the negative forces have successfully sunk the teachings of the Brotherhood.

The negative forces have turned a message of hope once again into a idolatrous cult. As Ernest L. Norman once said, “If you should ever worship me, my cause is lost.” Ruth Norman decided that she would be the center of this worshipful cult aka “the center” in El Cajon. She turned, in ways that only a genius psychopath could do, the teachings into a cult worship where it wasn't about the teachings anymore but about her and anyone who didn't worship her as an incarnate God were the devil himself and forever excommunicated from “her center”.

She also made a cult of flying saucers who were the “Brotherhood” and like her were entitled to be worshiped. She took the emphasis off the books and put the emphasis on things not related to learning and understanding of spirituality. When a person does that, they are
indeed lost. Lost back into the earth worlds of idolatry. A school is not a school once its emphasis goes from learning to worship. At that point it becomes a cult. What is even worse about this cult is that not only has it turned to the wrong path but it insists that its message is the only true message and that those who try to point out this deviation are to be prosecuted and shut down. This it does by every legal means possible insisting that it is the true truth when in fact it is the false truth. It is just another pathway back to self-service and selfishness.

The True Pathway always lies within ourselves. A person like Ruth is never a good substitute and Ruth should've never made herself a substitute for the Truth. The Truth lies in the teachings of Ernest L. Norman and as he said, “If you should ever worship me, my cause is lost.” He would look upon this debacle today and call it a “malfeasance”. Something that should not exist as he knew the future and saw the future – He wrote “A Future Prognosis” which can be read here -

Dr. Norman continually emphasized that he and Ruth were not special or more important then the next guy. These were his words, but Ruth instead chose a different path – one that would put her on a undeserved pedestal, the center of attention, the purpose of the world which, of course, was false and in the process take away attention from the true purpose of the teachings and transfer it to her.

This is how the negative forces operate to influence people and subvert the true teachings of the Brotherhood. The sacrifices of the Brotherhood to be warped into the self worship of one single ego is indeed a travesty. I can't say how sorry I am that once again the dark forces have successfully changed the message of Shamballa now called the Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science from one of understanding, learning, and growth to the worship of a hateful person who considered their presence the only important thing to humanity! But here we are again as the past repeats itself again.

Where is the moral integrity to take the higher road instead of once again falling for the empty trash barrel of ego and false self worship. When will we take the bull by the horns and face the music? There are two pathways here for a student. Which one are you on?


The dawn of reason

Many words can be transcribed to impress meaning and convey soulic state, but none are more meaningful than the state of mind that begs freedom of expression from relentless persecution. Just as a blacksmith toils his iron, sweat upon brow and aches in every muscle, until a horseshoe molds to perfection in the furnace of affliction, the soul is refined and chosen by the forces of melting fire fighting back at the blacksmith so the horseshoe exists only as the melted elixir of once solid ore with no shape to give it name.