​​I never saw it coming, not soon enough that is. Dr. Norman's works were slowly adapted to fit a new set of teachings and hence, a cult was born. Your past was brought to your attention, whether you liked it or not, you had no choice, and never in the best of moments or means. Something told me, but I didn't listen, this was not the way of the higher brotherhood which I had personally witnessed many times, but now ignored. The brotherhood’s kindness, patience, and delicate teaching manner did not compare with what I witnessed.

I felt and saw emotional testimonials and miraculous healings that "never happened," mental releases that were "escape mechanisms." Ask recipients whether they were real and you will hear a resounding "YES," although medically that can be challenged. Dangerous personal feuds arose in a place that supposedly was heaven on Earth, all to get closer to Uriel and be "saved" without doing your fair part. If you didn't beat yourself enough, it would be done for you. So what better than to constantly do so and avoid further humiliation? That was my daily routine for four painful years, but it didn't stop there. Read on.

While I respect Ruth Norman and have no ill intent toward her, she had her own ideas on how to best solve personal problems. None of these methods were approved by Dr. Norman. She called upon "past life therapy" and re-enactments for healing purposes. Problem was, these events were unconfirmed and people got into auto-suggested roles they themselves agreed to without being objective, believing they were real because "she said so." During World War II, Hitler housed his generals in castles and assigned them to rooms devoted to past warriors such as Attila, convincing them they were the re-incarnation of said individuals. What Ruth was doing was no different, putting people into pre-determined roles during these re-enactments because "you were a negative leader and this is what you did." See any difference between Rush's and Hitler's objectives? And let's not bring to light countless UFO landing predictions that failed to come true, the greatest past life re-enactment of all.

After Ruth's transition, the Academy continued this practice to date, if not worse. "You are negative," "you are reliving," "you killed Ruth in a previous life," "you were a negative priest, a spy," on and on like a broken record. Guilt strategies, baseless accusations, no more. They even tell you who to vote for. The Infinite doesn't point the finger. Rather, it loves all creative essences until the day they themselves come to realization without duress, guilt, or pressure. This is what Dr. Norman taught, not Ruth.

To add merciless pain to injury, she had couples divorced, instigating a strife-ridden wife swap program meant to enhance lifestyles and past life relivings. More pre-programmed re-enactments and unbridled sex living, something of a mystery in Ruth's own sex life and prior marriages but influential as a core value in said program. There was a side benefit to Ruth’s program, it made young men available for her personal disposal. But that wasn't enough. Males were asked to undergo vasectomies to avoid inconvenient childbirths. Others, when Ruth broke their marriages, lost their children and took up drugs and alcohol. Some died from suffering. Children, seeing their parents split up, suffered to the point they rejected any future notion of spiritual awareness and kindness, scarred forever.

While I did participate in therapy sessions, I never participated in sexual related extortion. However, I would not be spared Ruth's own altered persona, for twice this 80 year-old veteran of numerous marriages approached and held me inappropriately. When I refused to grant her companionship, all hell broke loose. Stern faces stared my eyes point blank and drill sergeant style rhetoric pounded my ears for reasons I didn't know or agreed with. Yet, inside, I would give it all for her, reason her behavior didn't make sense. Every Brother I had ever met, both in spirit and physical, never behaved like this, and I began to wake up and become objective.

It was then that I resorted to objectivity and began to "test" the spirits. The analysis my leadership made of myself was incorrect. I posed mental test questions to Uriel, she failed them all. I disseminated believable past life testimonials to see if a "psychic" would interject correction, it never happened. Rather, the more horrible I invented past lives, the more I was praised. It was then that I felt inclined to read George Adamski’s works once more and, without expectations, I had an astral flight where Brothers instructed me in embrace and told me:

"Your mission in the Academy is over, you learned your lesson. Go and show people how to live"

In the picture above, last on the right sitting down in a pink wardrobe holding a bell, is yours truly. That statement about no fanfare, what's wrong with this picture then? Or the following picture?


What did it for me finally?

A dear friend of mine, the kindest of students was falsely accused. His name I will withhold, but what students were told about him is not true at all. I was there, I saw, I heard, along with another student -- we are witnesses. We were told this man became violent, wrecked housings, threatened Ruth, and vowed to destroy the Unarius mission. Not so. This man had discovered what I had also discovered, that the landings would never happen, and he refused to go along with it. Rather, he offered to leave the organization peacefully since his advice amounted to nothing. This man was the last surviving student of Dr. Norman, his step son we can say, and no one knew Dr. Norman as well as he did. That was a problem for Ruth, who had just trashed everything Dr. Norman stood for and this man was a threat to what she had done.

That afternoon, Ruth and her assistant, Charles Speigel, barged into the Academy and I heard the most vile tone and deception of ages, unbelievable accusations aimed at this man with orders to all students that, until the day of his death, he was to be hated and persecuted without mercy. I am witness to what really happened on that fateful day, and the relentless persecution of this student for over 40 years to the point of lawsuits, harassment, not just toward him but anyone that aligns with him. I am one of those disfavored by the Academy because, since I associate with this student, I am also a threat.

The Academy has been responsible for silencing Dr. Norman's true works, establishing a trademark to bully everyone into extinction and mentioning his works only when and what is convenient to their ends. No one should take that lightly. Just read scam and complaint write ups about them on the Internet, claims of sexual abuse, drugs, emblezzlement, then you will discover that my testimonial is not unique. Numerous websites carrying Dr. Norman's pure message are now silent. While Dr. Norman's works are now public domain, the Academy, using donated funds, legally threatens and sues other students who even contemplate just using the word "Unarius" in their efforts to promote Dr. Norman's works. This goes against the very Mission Statement originally created by the founders to: "... foster, teach, and promote Unarius ..."

What it all comes down to is that, in the Academy's eyes, Ruth Norman is the legitimate author of all books, even Dr. Norman's, and she is the source of life itself; period. That's difficult to accept, when it is Dr. Norman's voice we hear on original tapes before a live audience while Ruth contradicts his teachings. Those who don't accept Ruth's contradictions are pursued unless they "recant" and insert UFO and Uriel contradictions on their websites.

I wish the Academy no ill will, only that they realize what a true student of Light is: humble, constructive, and selfless rather than coercive, hateful, and self-serving. Let man live by what precepts he can conceive, not superimpose himself as divine authority. Past life therapy is not a prime directive, for no man comes to wisdom by knowing the past but knowing himself as directed not by others but their higher self. Past lives matter, but knowing the self (lower and higher) matters most.

Follow the Unarius Academy at your own risk. As for me, I can only show others how to live by the way I live. I'm a humble student, not a teacher, here to serve and help.


It all started for me back on December, 1976. As I read Dr. Norman's works, I was advised to keep busy on other books and activities as to not discover or, shall I say, clearly learn what Dr. Norman's real directives, his code of conduct, had been. Everything was driven toward listening to and thinking of, yes, Ruth Norman's Uriel super-persona, a made-up archangel figure influenced by Ruth's and Vaughn Spiegel's rabbinic and Gnostic lore.

Vaughn Spiegel began to channel visions of grand ceremonies in the higher planes celebrating Uriel's success in establishing the Unarius mission, leading to her ascent into higher planes of expression as overlord of physical creation. The new re-invented Academy's leader was considered as if a goddess with healing powers and, sad to say, the keys to eternal life or damnation. And so, students flocked to her because, as an archangel, she brought spiritual fortune and freedom from negation. What an opportunity, right?

This page is titled "The struggle for universal law" with reason. The constant struggle to conserve the pure teachings of Dr. Norman, Jesus, Osiris, and so many that came after and before their appearance on this world. It is a clash between truth and self-gratifying ego that means to soar above its master before its time. Such is the case with the Unarius Academy, individuals bent on destroying anything and anyone that think unlike they do. To this, I am witness, and have the documentation by their own hands to prove it.

Following Dr. Norman's transition, his wife transformed the Unarius teachings into an Unarius Academy of Science, something he warned NOT to do. Long had he requested students not to meet in groups but to study independently, know the self, and share, never gathering or selling their beliefs, advertising themselves, establishing a leadership structure, or suing others. His books were never meant to make money but be freely shared, just cover the cost of publishing. His advice was designed to avoid cliques and corruption from conveniently setting in over time, but it went unheeded.

Long did he warn against writing clique fantasies, predicting UFO landings, praising leaders, trying to convert people by supposedly helping them, charging money, and establishing make-believe contact with higher beings and other planets. He knew well in advance ... it would happen. And, it did.


The struggle for universal law.

Replacement of Dr. Norman's teachings


"To become a teacher of Unarius therefore means literally to express into the world some of the more advanced attributes which were so adequately expressed by Jesus, yet all the while being done quietly without fanfare and completely objectively without the taint of reward." A Future Prognosis

"Those who are looking for spaceship landings are expressing an escape mechanism ... it would be against principle to try and change any earth world not ready for the science of inter-dimensional space travel ... Now if all 5 billion people were working with principles we are bringing to them in Unarius, then maybe."Q&A with student

I felt the call, I went, participated, saw spiritual purity, but also mundane corruption, then left the Unarius Academy of Science completely ashamed of myself. But I never abandoned Dr. Norman's Unarius teachings. How is that even possible?

It was the early 1970's. The grand master, Dr. Ernest L. Norman, had left us by then. His wondrous Unarius teachings were being slowly replaced by practices and beliefs unbecoming of the writings he left behind; the universal laws. The Academy became a front for a cult that violates most of Dr. Norman's teachings. Its new precepts are based on praising their leader, Ruth Norman, Dr. Norman's wife, who failed to respect her husband's teachings and promoted the existence of unconfirmed worlds, past lives, and prestige. She also had a lot of help and influence from another wayward student, Charles Spiegel, posing as a clear channel.

The following is a testimonial of what I saw at the Unarius Academy. I mean no disrespect other than undo what I helped do. The Academy has a right to exist, I the right to testify, you the right to know.