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We are our past, every thought, desire, emotion, talent. Knowing the self is therefore knowing the past. Knowing the past allows the future to be known. Thus, Past Lives Matter.

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Legacy is a compilation of innumerable out-of-this-world contacts and experiences, in both visionary and physical form. It showcases the way beings from other worlds live, believe, and our relationship to them, inspiring the author to write a screenplay for a big-screen movie production presently being considered.

Legacy is self-financed. The author does not seek monetary compensation or donations for his services, regardless of work, conference or travel expenses because what God provides cannot be charged.

The author is not: a teacher or master, does not seek followers, invokes rituals, or takes people to other planets or UFOs. His mission is to inform, help and prove knowledge of infinity to whomever requests it. His primary message is: we come to teach our ego.

Introduction to the Legacy Episode Series

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          DE HOMBRES Y 

             SUS DIOSES

Legacy has been chosen for the big screen, but screen play development will cost much time and effort to complete. Hoping for the best. Ideas welcomed.

Movie Project

​                 Blue Ink Reviews:

EPISODE I: "Maxxim details a very personal journey. He speaks of firsthand visions of alien planets and past lives; he ticks off experiences with New Age philosophies and churches . . . offering clean text, a poetic sensibility and compelling descriptions."

EPISODE II: "This story blends space opera, metaphysics and the theme of immortal love in an ambitious – if not altogether successful – saga across space and time."


Readers' Favorite Reviews:

Legacy Series Reviews

Venus: Shamballah healing realm​Higher dimensional plane of Venus and home to Shamballah's healing and educational centers.

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K. C. Finn     R. Tanveer

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           EPISODE I                               EPISODE II                               EPISODE III                            EPISODE IV                              EPISODE V                     EPISODIO I (Spanish)               EPISODE I (French)


                                                                                                                                                                                                   Available 8/21

The Apunian Message Video

Read the critically vital message delivered in visionary form on April 9, 2017 by more advanced brothers from Alpha Centauri.

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Reader Blog

Experienced visions or recalled past life events reading Legacy? Share it with the world. Samples below: CONTACT THE AUTHOR

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The Underground Cities of Mars​View never before seen pictures of what Martian underground cities look like. Travel along its esplanades and enjoy the light and glory of its alabaster buildings.

A message from Robert Maxxim

Atlantis and Lemuria Video
Life-like, never before seen representation of what Atlantis and Lemuria looked like, and their destruction. Relive ancient times and events you may have lived but don't recall. Prepare to be shocked.


Legacy Videos

30 years in the making, five episodes, million year-old romance, past lives, space battles, intrigue, Lemuria, Atlantis, inter-dimensional scientific and spiritual principles, today's false religious beliefs and other secrets exposed in detail. This series is a must-read by every truth seeker.​


Legacy is a futuristic novel based on the author's visions and previous sojourns in this and other worlds. One man's incredible journey through lifetimes as far as a million years, his blunders and triumphs, worlds and places where these journeys took place.

About Legacy

​Legacy highlights advanced scientific and spiritual concepts written in lyrical, romantic prose. Most of all, Legacy is a powerful love story deeply rooted in one man's unquenchable, desperate search through the vastness of space and time for his one; his soul mate. Read and experience incomparable truth. Learn how beings live on other worlds, and what they believe in. Most of all ... see the evidence.

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