everything is energy

  • Everything is energy, we are of energy, therefore we are as one with everything

  • Energy oscillates and is thereby polarized, establishing infinite scales of positive and negative amplitude in cycles spanning dimensions and lifetimes

  • Due to its oscillatory nature, energy transitions in and out of this dimension, as well as others, thus replenishing itself from the Source

  • Energy is intelligence in motion, intelligence is creative, creation is infinite, and the Infinite is within. Everything is thus mind

  • Infinity is micro and macrocosmic, no end to miniature, no end to enormity

  • Time is a local collective energy frequency domain or "space zone" making a dimension of its own

  • Time and space, being the interaction between frequency and wavelength (space zone), are relative to the observer's space zone we can refer to as "velocity of life"

energy is mind

  • Life and death do not exist, for consciousness never rests and is infinite

  • The purpose of existence is to bring lessons learned in-between lives to the lower self, coach and evolve it out of the physical plane. Consciousness also actively coaches other soulic levels of expression in much the same manner

  • The soul is composed of vibrating energy, infinite intelligence, expressing at endless dimensional levels much as the atom

  • The soul acquires infinite intelligence through experience. It cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. Change is evolution, experience is infinity

  • What we do and think is consequential, added intelligence you wear until changed.

  • The velocity of life, or what place in the universe you live in, depends on what your mind conceives. What you know is where you are

  • Consciousness resides in many dimensions simultaneously, therein the small still voice within and every thought and emotion we feel is a sliver of conglomerate consciousness

foundational concepts

  • There’s no such thing as right and wrong, for what is right today may seem wrong tomorrow ad infinitum

  • There is no such thing as a solid, everything is relative oscillatory manifestation from higher dimensions and intelligence including thoughts and ideas

  • We are not to teach, only learn. In so doing, we must let the Higher Self provide answers approved for the audience so questioning

  • Want nothing from anyone, but give your all for others

  • We cannot tell others what to do because only they know and are responsible for their own life plan

  • Serve the Infinite and its elements, for these do and will serve you. Their optimal condition will serve the evolutionary purpose of all

The Universal Laws

Life is infinitely-evolving intelligent energy

To understand who and why we are, we must first understand where we are. This understanding may come at first from the elements that surround us, both at a macro and micro level, but eventually that is not enough.

The heavens displays the work of creative intelligence on a massive scale, but so do the wonders of the miniature world. We cannot see far enough, or deep enough, to fully understand creation, trapped within a visual framework that limits our comprehension of our true origins, purpose, and behavior. Far back in time, man could see no farther than a few stars, or deeper than soil. And though man has extended his sights a million fold in each direction, able to see 13 billion light-years out and resolve to half the size of a hydrogen atom, this is but a comparative hairline in infinity's grandiouse scope.

A Planck length is a hundred billion billion times smaller than a proton. And if we have extended sights a million fold, a hundred billion billion times is by far a feat far from reach. Still, at the center of a Planck length is a dimensional surprise that's even smaller; the manifested intelligence of dimensional energy cycles that make everything exist on this plane. Can our eyes see beyond the physical veil at causant dimensional cycles? That power is reserved to mathematics and the mind to understand the creative order for manifested intelligence known as the universal laws.