As the vision's star map became clearer in my mind, I saw that the star map did contain Vulpecula. But what seemed interesting was that ... it looked similar to Cassiopeia, except rotated vertically and flipped horizontally. In so doing, the viewing perspective was from outside the galaxy inward! Here is an amazing similarity between Vulpecula and Cassiopeia (Cassiopeia seen from outside our solar system also).

April 9, 2017, 2:15 am EST. While in sleep state, I found myself in the presence of four male beings that emphasized the importance of remembering the vital information being presented. First, they showed me the location of the reptilian home world in a star map where I saw a pair of binary stars that stood out against the background of stars due to their size.

​The map did not provide clear references to determine where these stars were in the galaxy. But in a moment, large bright letters appeared on the map and one of these beings voiced them; "100 Doradus and Vulpecula."
When we reached the back of the room, the doctor turned to face the right wall, a door appeared out of solid wall, and we entered into another room. Here were various strange instruments on the walls and on tabletops lining the walls. I felt these were health monitors similar to our Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment. Unexpectedly, the doctor placed her hands on my neck and and upper shoulders, skillfully examining every artery, muscle, and nerve. She knew precisely where to touch and in what sequence using only her thumbs. “You don’t say much, isn’t that so?” she commented with a smile as she wrapped up her examination.

“Yes, that is true,” I replied smiling. However, mentally I let her know that I was entirely in her hands.

“That’s a good thing. Now, we will show you something that is of utmost importance to the well being of your people. Come with me,” she replied.
Several years ago, I had a vision of Alpha Centauri. I stood on one of its moons but not aware exactly where I was. Looking into space, I saw a star pattern but did not recognize it at the time. Years later, I watched a documentary on Alpha Centauri showing how the sun looked from there.

​Lo and behold, there it was, the same star pattern! It was Cassiopeia with the sun to its left. I finally realized I had been on Alpha Centauri.

This yields an estimated stellar projection line from HIP 27317 to HIP 18952 that crosses the Dorado constellation boundary at HIP 20650 (4h 25m 29.77s -53d 06'42"), off by only 3' (5 light-years) from the slope mean (see picture below, circled star). HIP 20650 is a double F-type star located 403 light-years from us. The stellar type, size, and location fits vision details and seems as a plausible earth-like solar environment. Is this the 100 Doradus binary star system, the reptilian home world?

By superimposing Cassiopeia over Vulpecula, we find that NGC 6992 (the Veil nebula) aligns relatively where the sun would be. Thus, the two large stars in the vision stand-in for the Veil nebula. What does this signify?

Vulpecula is located at 20h/+25 average, Dorado is at 5h/-60 average. Processing these coordinates with simple arithmetic, (20h - 5h) + (+25 - -60) = 100. We have a name match with 100 Doradus, a result indicating we have a plausible relationship between the two constellations when their coordinates are interpolated. However, by using the Veil nebula's coordinates (20.87h 30.5deg) and apply declination slope approximation to Dorado's right ascension limits, we can estimate the location of the mysterious 100 Doradus system as follows:

(20.87h - RA) - (30.5d - Dec) = 100   { where: RA = right ascention, Dec = declinations }

Dec = -48.63 - RA  { where: 4h <= RA <= 6h, -52.63 <= Dec(est.) <= -54.63 }

In other words, find the range of declination degrees within Dorado's 4h to 6h right ascension, and what binary sun-like stars are in that area that fall closest to the Dorado constellation's boundaries.

Best fit RA/Dec: 4h 25m 29.77s / -53 d 06'42"

​We walked down various wide corridors, but my attention was placed on my brothers rather than the immediate surroundings. I can't say where ambient light was coming from since there were no bulbs, tracks, or light sources. It was as if wall surfaces provided their own light, not like light bulbs but almost as if by some invisible source. I followed my brothers into a corridor that was immensely long and as wide if not more so than a shopping mall aisle. As with all structures, walls were also brilliant white without definitive markers or seems, not until someone came unto the wall and mentally asked it to open, thus revealing what was behind it. Thought could even change the aspect of the wall itself. The floor was also white and glassy, almost like brilliant marble and it felt as such. The aisle was completely empty, but as with the walls, upon reaching a segment where something was stored beneath the floor, it automatically surged on mental command and intelligently as if it knew when it was safe to come up to safeguard the mental solicitor.

Workstations and control consoles surged from beneath the floor upon mental command. These had keyboard interfaces but I was certain that the principle interface was mental. The brothers excused themselves and said it was time for them to bid farewell as they had to tend to work and study. This corridor turned out to be a school and my brothers were preparing to assume advanced technical responsibilities in their society, careers they did not disclose but I felt had something to do with city planning and engineering.

Standing behind me were four tall beings, the same from the previous star map vision. They were dressed in black single-piece uniforms and welcomed me by name, but did not provided theirs. Not being ready for this vision, the information provided at that moment is somewhat vague. I recall being in the balcony and seeing flowers hanging along its border. I also remember their eyes being brilliant and marvelously colored like a crystalline blue opal with magenta borders. Their hair was dark and short. At this point, I realized I was on Alpha Centauri.

My four brothers kindly invited me to follow them into the building. We walked along a vast hallway while talking about the many challenges each earth inhabitant is exposed to daily. Meanwhile, their kind friendship helped me adjust and establish a more perceptive state of mind. While I can’t recall exactly everything they said on that hallway, my brothers revealed the sad life earth men experience, designed to hurt and steal from each other, not prosper and serve the infinite. Thus, we create a negative invisible spiritual force that possesses and controls us. Another important point they revealed was the reason we reincarnate in this dimension and the fact that we have all we need to confront and change negations in life. Anything outside of this basic need is considered an excess that is contrary to the life plan or reincarnation cycle. Excess makes us de-evolve, reason we must return and “discard” excessive conduct in subsequent lives. The same thing occurs with hoarding disorders, be it goods, desires, sex, will, or emotions. Life in general must set itself apart from unnecessary goods and distractions, focusing in respecting infinite principle and our personal reincarnation mission; a mission aimed to discover inner emotions, recognize, and correct them, and elevate physical consciousness into higher forms of expression until, someday, we won’t need to reincarnate. “Such past negative experiences are the reason for all physical and mental ailments,” Implied one of the brothers while my consciousness woke up fully.
The doctor then led me around an examination table that floated in mid-air and headed for the wall opposite the door we entered. There, another door melted away and we entered into another room where two middle-aged men were expecting us. The wall to my left was filled, from top to bottom, with strange electronic equipment. In the middle of the room was a wide yet plush floating table where I assumed more serious physical intervention took place. After greetings were exchanged, the doctor took an apparatus similar to a short sabre with a softly rounded 8-inch long tip made from some crystalline module that glowed intensely. A cable attached to the end of the handle. She pointed the instrument my way and aimed for the liver. Immediately, a three-dimensional projection of the liver hung in mid-air with codes and symbols I could not understand.

“Everyone on your world suffers from a genetic degenerative liver disease and don’t realize it,” she said. “This is the reason your people age so rapidly as the liver shrinks and admits less blood with age. It is due to a fourth generation ailment that even the realignment chairs you saw a few moments ago cannot fully heal due to cardiovascular security factors. To heal this aberration manifesting in the energy pattern of this organ, more precise and up-close correction is required.”

She gave the illness a name, but I can’t recall it to save my life. “To cure this ailment, we will need to cut you open,” she added.

“With that thing, that has a light on it?" I replied, definitely concerned.

“Yes,” she replied firmly but calm.

“Are you really sure that this is a good idea, and is necessary, without anesthesia?” I said, this time not hiding the fact that I dreaded undergoing the procedure being proposed.

“Anesthesia is not required. This instrument not only numbs the area but also cuts, cauterizes, and applies layers of corrective splicing to the liver’s DNA where necessary. Once the liver has been restored to its original genetic pattern, remaining DNA filaments in cells throughout the body can be realigned using the treatment chairs. But don’t worry, we will not do this procedure on you, first because you are with us in spirit, and second because you did not ask us to carry out this procedure on you. But now, it is time that you return to your world with this message for your people.”

At this point, I woke up feeling refreshed, renewed, and energetic.
That I know of, astronomers have yet to classify a "100 Doradus" system, so its reference and location continue to be a mystery. The names of these systems, and emphasis to recall the message, were mentioned at least twice. The star map vision is shown to the left.

I woke up suddenly and made sure to remember this information, but soon fell asleep and, unexpectedly, had the same precise dream with the same beings, star map, and star system information. Emphasis was placed once more on 100 Doradus ​as the reptilian home world. I woke up again, but seconds later I fell asleep. This time, the dream turned into a vision.

I sensed I was in a balcony overlooking a large alien city that spread into the distance. Since I was not prepared for this vision, my consciousness felt numb but do remember seeing this city. All buildings had domes that alternated colors and were circular in nature. There were no sharp angles in their designs, all were rounded.

The star map revealed

​With warm embrace and best wishes, they offered final farewells. Immediately after, a wall behind me dematerialized, showing a large white room some 10 yards wide, 10 wide, and probably 5 in height. In this room were what seemed like dentist chairs, but these were dark and comfortably padded Lazy-Boy style. In the ceiling were projection crystals and beside each chair were electronic consoles. I had the feeling this was a health and recovery center. In fact, all rooms on this side of the aisle were dedicated to some type of healing. Rooms on the side opposite the wide aisle, including the aisle itself, were dedicated to civil engineering. Various young tall assistants stood by each “treatment” chair as I will call them, dressed in white uniforms with bottoms slightly wide, white shoes, white sash, and navy blue vests that reached no lower than hips. Their hair was brushed backward, the cut was just above the shoulders, and all smiled the moment I saw them.
An assistant approached and greeted me, explained the purpose of this room, and introduced each and every individual, both brothers and sisters, but gave no names. The means by which healing was achieved was explained as renewable energy radiations but details were omitted. I sensed this radiation was extracted from the higher inter-dimensional energy version of the physical area involved. This higher version or pattern, from which the body receives its material form and function, does not suffer from malformations. By means of “splicing,” atomic DNA sequences are corrected throughout the body by applying the higher dimensional pattern, thus affecting healing. In this manner, atomic malformations or damaged DNA responsible for ailments--cancer, blindness, whatever it might be--are “realigned” or “reconstituted” by these dimensional instruments. The means by which this higher plane is found, though not explained, reminded me of Kirlian and biofield techniques, but I am certain the process is far more complicated.

Unexpectedly, another tall assistant entered the room from the aisle. She appeared a bit older than the rest, yet beautifully young. After exchanging greetings, she asked me to follow her out of the room. She was what we call a physician, as I would later discover. We walked into the aisle and no sooner an energy wall sealed the room behind me. The wall took an interesting aspect, showing a design unlike any other wall in the aisle and I don’t know why. It manifested square-like blocks on its surface and alternating colors, beautiful to watch. Curiosity got the best of me and I touched the wall, finding that my hand could easily go through this force field. Had I wanted to, I could have walked right back into the healing ward. The field felt like a electric bag wrapped around my hand just a bit tight, not painful at all. In addition, when I put my hand into the wall, it made a sharp, rough noise upon contact, but not too loud.

The doctor smiled and said, “Are you coming?” Immediately, I followed her into a nearby room on the same side of the aisle. On the Wall opposite the entrance, I saw two brothers kneeling on the floor operating some kind of electronic device connected to the wall. When we entered, they smiled and bowed their heads slightly in welcome, but no words were exchanged. They wore the same white uniform as other assistants but no vest, and their hair was blonde. There were some twelve black energy converters about a foot square mounted on the wall. From them, energy cables emerged and went through the ceiling. I had no idea where they went or what they were for. No explanation was given as to their purpose, not even mentally, so I courteously did not ask.

alpha centauri