Q. I’ve seen several Unarius websites. What’s the difference between them?

This is going to be difficult. Night and day, actually. Some of God’s children just don’t get how to serve infinity at times. In the founder’s own words, Dr. Ernest Norman, Unarius is an organization of spiritual leaders and teachers who function from certain celestial planes which have heretofore been known as Shamballah. This is an organization formed by thousands of teachers, doctors, scientists, and Masters who have the destiny and guidance of mankind as their inspired life work. It’s no sci fi, many have been to these planes including yours truly. Unarius is a celestial, not physical organization, known for thousands of years by names like heaven, aljánadu, shamayim, aaru, valhalla, etc. It’s not a cloud lined with golden streets, pleasure troves, or an Orion solar system (SDAs believe that). It’s been grossly mistaken to date. Simply put, it’s the kingdom within, the small still voice, the higher self, that place between lives where you learn new truths. It’s your teacher, guide, and infinite intelligence. Thus, no man or group can call themselves, own, represent, teach, or claim it, only you do.

The prime directive is: seek answers from yourself, benefit man free of charge, fame, finger pointing, or interference, respectful of all beliefs or stages of personal development because it’s infinite love. Some individuals break these rules by creating man-made teachings and using the Light to fan earthly beliefs. What does have to do with personal evolution? Now you see how many faiths succumbed to human ideology throughout history. I always say, read original manuscript, and anything else isn’t. Progressive evolution focuses solely on honesty and humility, understanding infinite intelligence and energy, asking nothing of others, facing negative bias, and learning what infinite love really is: nothing else matters. The study of infinity is one’s private relationship with the Infinite and no one else. Hence, belonging to a group does nothing for you but pit one belief or people against another, which is against infinite law, deviates from celestial principle, and corrupts truth. God doesn’t divide, no one is His agent but you. That’s how cults are born and disbelief in plurality of life and reincarnation fanned.

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