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The following is a list of most commonly accepted biblical references to reincarnation, statements made by prophets, Jesus, and church founders:

  • "If a man dies, will he live again? I shall wait all the days of my appointed time, until my change comes." Job 14: 14

  • "All these things God often works with man, to bring back his soul from the pit, to be enlightened with the light of living." Job 33: 29 - 30

  • "Moses revealed this at the bush, as he said, Lord, the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Thus, he is not the God of the dead but of the living, for all should be living in Him." Luke 20: 37 - 38

  • "Moses … refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, choosing to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season." Heb 11: 24 – 25

  • "Everyone, accordingly, of those who descend to the earth is, according to his deserts, or agreeably to the position which he occupied there, ordained to be born in this world, in a different country, or among a different nation, or in a different mode of life, or surrounded by infirmities of a different kind, or to be descended from religious parents, or parents who are not reli­gious; so that it may sometimes happen that an Israelite descends among the Scythians, and a poor Egyptian is brought down to Judea." Origen, "de Principiis, Book IV, ch. 1, sec. 23.c"

  • "All souls are subject to reincarnation; and people do not know the ways of the Holy One, blessed be He! They do not know that they are brought before the tribunal both before they enter into this world and after they leave it; they are ignorant of the many reincarnations and secret works which they have to undergo, and of the number of naked souls, and how many naked spirits roam about in the other world without being able to enter within the veil of the King's Palace. Men do not know how the souls revolve like a stone that is thrown from a sling. But the time is at hand when these mysteries will be disclosed." Y. Astor, "Zohar II 99b"

  • "As long as a person is unsuccessful in his purpose in this world, the Holy One, blessed be He, uproots him and replants him over and over again." Y. Astor, "Zohar I, 186b"

  • "Those who depart out of this life according to the law of nature, and pay that debt which was received from God, when he that lent it us is pleased to require it back again, enjoy eternal fame; that their houses and their posterity are sure, that their souls are pure and obedient, and obtain a most holy place in heaven, from whence, in the revolutions of ages (re-embodiment), they are again sent into pure bodies." "The War of the Jews, Book III, Chap. 8, No. 5"

  • "[Pharisees] believe that souls have an immortal rigor in them, and that under the earth there will be rewards or punishments, according as they have lived virtuously or viciously in this life; and the latter are to be detained in an everlasting prison, but that the former [virtuous] shall have power to revive and live again." F. Josephus, "Antiquities of the Jews - Book XVIII, Chapter 1, No. 3"

  • "Blessed are they who suffer many experiences, for they will be made perfect through suffering; they will be as the angels of God in heaven and will die no more. Neither will they be born any more, for death and birth have no more dominion over them." Gospel of the Nazarenes, 37: 2

  • "Accordingly, it at one time puts off one body which was necessary before, but which is no longer adequate in its changed state, and it exchanges it for a second; and at another time it assumes another in addition to the former, which is needed as a better covering, suited to the purer ethereal regions of heaven." Origen, Contra Celsus, Book VII, Chapter 32.e

  • “We see that not then for the first time did Divinity begin its work when it made this visible world: but just as after the destruction of this visible world there will be another world, its product, so also we believe that other worlds existed before the present came into being.” Origen, de Principiis, Bk.3, ch. 3, sec.3

  • "It is absolutely necessary that the soul should be healed and purified, and that if it does not take place during its life on Earth, it must be accomplished in future lives." St. Gregory (257–337 AD): Trinick 1950: 38. http://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/history/church-history.html

  • "The transmigrations (reincarnation) of souls was taught for a long time among the early Christians as an esoteric and traditional doctrine which was to be divulged to only a small number of the elect." Jerome (letter to Demetrias). http://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/history/church-history.html

  • “Did I not live in another body, or somewhere else, before entering my mother’s womb?” St. Augustine (354-430 AD). Confessions, I ch 6

  • “The message of Plato … has at last scattered the darkness of error and now shines forth mainly in Plotinus a Platonist so like his master … Plato was born again as Plotinus.” St. Augustine (354-430 AD)

  • “Did my infancy succeed another age of mine that dies before it? Was it that which I spent within my mother's womb? . . . And what before that life again, O God of my joy, was I anywhere or in any body?” Confessions of St. Augustine, Edward Pusey, translator, Book I

  • “Although the idea of reincarnation was rejected by the Christian Church as a doctrine because it was believed to contradict the doctrine of corporeal resurrection and undermine the need for Christ’s redemptive sacrifices, it was a belief held by many early Christian theologians such as Valentinus and Basilides of Alexandria.” The Argument over Reincarnation in Early Christianity, Elizabeth Jenson, University of Utah. http://epubs.utah.edu/index.php/historia/article/view/578


μετεμψύχωσις - metempsychosis

εμπψχωύν - empsykhoun

παλιγγενεσία - palingenesia

גלגול הנשמות - gilgul neshamot

पुनर्जन्मन् - punarjanman