Q. Is there really a lost city of Atlantis? I keep reading it is a myth, that there is no proof of it's existence.

It’s no myth. Legacy has tons of historical documents proving it did, even where. Sad to say, a lot of “finding Atlantis” documentaries are missing the beat because they don’t use these references. Go to rgaetan.com, references tab, and then Atlantis. All we hear is Plato’s account, but I’ve got 27 historical references and listings on the subject from across the globe, and that doesn’t include American native accounts. Legacy puts all this information together for easy assimilation.

Q. What evidence is there that Atlantis really existed? If so, where was it?

This might sound shocking, but there’s more evidence on Atlantis than there is on most biblical & historical patriarchs. Atlantis is not a myth or story, conformists made it out to be to avoid rewriting history. On my website, under Evidence, Atlantis, you’ll find 36 vetted historical references from around the globe, some show the location. Statius said it was 40 days sail from not to Cape Verde islands. Many records Herodotus Aristotle Diodirus Plato say 1) in the Atlantic ocean with 2) a continent beyond it, 3) Hindu writings claim same latitude as Canary Islands. As earth’s axis changes one degree every 553 years, in 6000 years, it shifts 11 degrees toward Guadeloupe Island, 4) 40 days sail from Cape Verde. Put it together and you have, at 2.5 knots, 2430 miles straight west from Cape Verde, Guadeloupe island, Lesser Antilles. It’s 43 days from the Canary Islands. So Atlantis can’t be Santorini, Ukraine, Spain, Morocco, Asia, Egypt, Lybia, Peru, or Antarctica. Historical records coincide with the spot; Guadeloupe Island.

Q. What are some of the greatest achievements of Lemuria?

Lemuria grew to become a jewel of spirituality, but whenever you progress positively, the negative follows. A cycle, or karmic lesson, came in from ancient galactic struggle days, soiled the hearts of many with power, and all the technology and spirituality achieved was turned to human mental controls and space war. Man repeated old space war days. Legacy episodes 3 and 4 go into that, available soon. For now, I have episode trailers on my site that hint what Lemuria looked like, their achievements, and happened. Crystal buildings, domed cities, levity elevators outside the buildings. Mind controls, space craft I designed.

Q. Was Atlantis the perfect society?

Not entirely. You had those that were humble, selfless, while others the opposite, always struggling to rule the humble. That’s what destroyed it. History repeats itself. Isn’t that the case with us today? Could it be the same people coming back and doing it again? You bet cha. Read all about it in Legacy.

Q. I've read some writers who believe Atlantis to be real, others who insist it's fictional or metaphysical myth? Could it be a myth?

I vetted some 40 historical records on Atlantis all the way from India to America both ways around dating thousands of years. They’re on my website under Evidence, Atlantis, and in Legacy. Whoever said it’s a myth, better hit the books.

Q. Do you think Plato's account of Atlantis is fictional, true or a blend of truth and fiction?

Plato wrote what others like Solon and Hesiod found in Egypt, passing the story on second hand. But he was also sensitive, which validated and expounded on these events before writing them. There are also older documents that corroborate Atlantis, even its location, that are way older including stories from India and America. Take a look at the Atlantis Lemuria video on my website.

Q. How was Atlantis destroyed? I believe from my religion class in high school it was destroyed by pagans. Was it the abuse of psychic and supernatural powers or floods and volcanic eruptions?

Yes and no. The sons of Belial, a decadent priesthood, took over and cast spiritual progressive values away. They didn’t know how to work the power towers and were about to destroy the planet. A few scientists who escaped Atlantis came back to save it, I was one of them, and thought we fixed it. Not really. Priesthood scientists caused magma plumes to rise beneath Atlantis. We tried to push them back, and we did, but that created a massive hole in the crust and the land caved into it. At least, the planet didn’t explode, but Atlantis did.

The priesthood abused the towers, put shields around Atlantis, subliminal messages into the magnetic field, caused storms and earthquakes anywhere in the planet they chose. But by so doing, they caused a regenerative huge magma plume to head up the mantle and it almost burst the planet apart.

Q. Do we need to know the past lessons of Atlantis and Lemuria to survive the future?

Absolutely. Not just for society but your evolution. Take aways from past lives include being selfless, and that what you do against your fellow man, rock, or atom, you do against the same energy that keeps you alive. Respect and serve the infinite as it was meant to be, because it’s your own home, your soul, that you’re messing with. Leave creation alone and put your own home in order, not someone else’s. Don’t possess or make things your way. Let creation be, be of service, and flow with infinite energy, not against it.

Q. In history I've read that Lemurians studied the physical sciences and also expanded awareness of their psychic abilities. Can you explain?

It’s a long story. Yes to the above. But, here came ego again trying to possess and serve its will, not the infinite, and before you knew it, people were being mentally controlled and space craft attacking and destroying Mars. Eventually, energy misuse and nuclear exchange destroyed it around 75,000 BC, and proof of that is in our mitochondria, Genesis chapter 1: 1-2, Jeremiah 4: 23-26.

Q. I've marveled at the images of Lemuria on your website. How accurate those and how do you know? What was life like for the residents and also what was the technology like?

Very accurate. Had about 15+ visions of it and there are many more I haven’t published yet. Episodes 3 and 4 will provide all those details. In short, Lemurians could read and manufacture thoughts, change your body at will, and their weapons of mass destruction were far beyond our imagination. Proof is what they did to Mars and its people. Watch the episode 4 video for hints. People were for the most part stupefied under electronic controls, except for few researchers and officials. In Legacy, I provide evidence found nowhere else. Proof of Lemuria is, for the most part, scarce, hard to find, and at times compromised by later events. I used scientific, genetic, historical, biblical, and geographic methodology to confirm its existence and my viewing, but there isn’t a whole lot.

Q. I read a fascinating story in the Washington Post about the possibility of some advanced civilization existing here on earth millions of years before humans as we know them showed up. What are your thoughts, could that be true?

It is true. Countless contactees confirm it, it’s no secret. We even have historical documents on that. I’ve vetted at least 40 that prove Atlantis existed, even its location. Yu, Lemuria, Shamballah, all real.

Q. Is there a movie that accurately portrays alien life, life on other planets? Looking forward to the Legacy movie you mentioned.

Don’t want to toot my own horn but honestly Legacy will be it. No other movie or story will do aliens, past lives, advance technology, and life principles justice.

Q. Is it possible earth could be destroyed because of our selfish, ego driven life style?

By us, yes, we have many times. Earth is a quarantined world. This is where beings come to cleanse their negative tendencies. Destroy it, and where would defiant souls go? Enough that a single world has been wrecked as this one has, let’s not make for two.

Q. You’re had visions most of your life. When you have your visions and visits do you feel you are being trained for work they hope you do here on earth? Do you feel you’re being used for a specific mission?

Yes. This happens daily, new information downloads are there to learn from and pass on. This happens to everyone, but who pays attention? As to my mission, I assigned it to myself before being born and my higher Brothers support me on that. It involves learning, overcoming, and passing on what I see from time to time as pure as possible.

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