Religious Discussion Topics

Q. How can you identify cults and false religions?

God doesn’t promote division, isolation, unique benefits, or pits one thought against another. Everything has merit because it’s conceived from Infinite energy itself. But whenever anyone wants to help you for your own good, tries to convert you, doesn’t have evidence, claims to be a master or significant past figure wiser than you, preaches you to death, invites you to belong for the friendship or company, focuses on UFO rather than higher self contact, or asks you to join secret teachings or society, watch out.

Q. If we’re saved by faith, not deeds, what role does reincarnation play in salvation, if any?

Greek faith means “saved without really trying or knowing, clueless to infinity around you.” That’s not how God works. True faith is devotion to and respect for God and universal law. Obviously, if you care for your environment, it will care for you. Thus, if you care for laws, they will serve you by the laws of regeneration. Reincarnation provides the mechanism to master that principle. Deeds are personal actions that serve as evolutionary lessons carried out by acquired knowledge and change in each lifetime. With faith being understanding and deeds life’s homework, reincarnation is the cyclic process to learn from both.

Q. Why does mainstream Christianity still strongly deny reincarnation? It is support in numerous places in the Old and New testaments.

The listener is right on! People take the easy route by trusting another man’s word rather than researching original manuscript. While people have the right to follow their own path, and I respect that, if they only knew the level of cover up and alteration that went into scripture over time. Changes were significant and they continue to date in an endless downward spiral of reinterpretation and retranslations that contort the original message beyond recognition. So don’t purchase belief from strangers, go get it yourself.

I just wrote a research website page called reincarnation, the evidence. It’s under the Science tab and it will answer that question. I suggest people read it, it will cut down personal research time. In 2009, 24% of Christians believed in reincarnation. In 1981, 31% of Catholics. The Unity church and others teach it. Constantine wanted a state religion and reincarnation had to go. Justinian drove the final nail into reincarnation, starting a chain reaction that killed and burnt countless people and documents all the way to America! Millions of native americans dead in America alone, folks, and how many more in Europe. Think Crusades against Islam, Inquisition.

St. Jerome and Eusebius were witnesses to manuscript re-wording aimed to change the original teachings of Jesus, disciples and founders! It’s documented in the reincarnation evidence research page I spoke of. What followed were 1700 years of cruelty, torture, and bloodshed trying to silence Shabbat and reincarnation, and scare people into believing altered teachings to take over the world. That’s not the mark of God’s word or love.

Q. Reincarnation is New Age crap. Forgive my language but I'm sick of people falling for this lie of Satan. I've spent my life in a Bible based church and it is clear what the Bible teaches. I will refer you to Job 16:22 and Job 14:10-12. Honestly, I believe you will be punished for encouraging belief in these false teachings. Please stop.

God’s presence is measured by confirmed truth and holy behavior, not noise. No one has the right to tell others what to believe, much less curse. Besides, last time I checked, this was still America? Ironically, in those Job chapters he begged to die and never return to earth because of people like this, that’s what he means by death, not ever waking up the body down here again. You must read the whole chapter to know this, something the listener apparently didn’t do. Now, with all due respect, did Jesus ever get sick of his brethren, misrepresent scripture, follow a church or man instead of God, judge, or behave menacingly? Attacking others or their beliefs is a sign you haven’t conquered the self or learned God’s true teachings. I take it TL didn’t care to review any of the facts I present. Of course not. Otherwise, it would show. Today, pulpits spout, only we have the truth, we have the complete message, following us is following God, convert people so you go to heaven, repent and don’t go to hell. How can you change yourself, much less others, if you don’t know what God’s true law is? These pulpits use God’s word to fill pews, not bring God to people’s hearts. Did Jesus ever do that? No! That’s ego! Read Mathew 28:20, observe his commandments. Love your neighbor as yourself, love God, behave godly and know God is within. What part of that went wrong with this soul’s question?

First of all, reincarnation is recorded worldwide as far back as the beginnings of time. It’s not New Age. Second, emperor Julian is the one that wiped it off the map. Third, Christian founders, including two generations from apostle Mark, supported it, even Jesus, Essenes, Pharisees, and tons of near east, European, Asian, African, and native american beliefs, most wiped out by Julian’s mandates. Fourth, hate, fear, and brute force are tools forbidden by God but accepted by Satan. Fifth, Job abhors in those chapters nagging accusatory people that hurt others instead of cleaning up their own souls, calling it TAMEI, foul/false religion. Sixth, atoms are not solid but spiritual, so what and where could you possibly be if not in spirit already? Think about it, stop thinking earth/physical so you understand what God means by the word soul. I double dare the listener to stand in a synagogue, in front of the people that wrote the old testament, and try making a case. You’ll get torn up.

Shame on those making their illiteracy and sinful problems that of others, disregard God’s law or self objectivity, and steamroll people with fear, hate, and sin. That’s not how God operates, but Job’s foul religion does. It’s really a pity. You want to be Christ like? If you are without sin, cast the first stone.

Q. In a bible study recently I asked about reincarnation. The pastor said there is no such thing and used Hebrews 9:27 for proof. “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”

Of course your pastor will say that. That’s what he gets paid to uphold, or be labeled a heretic and fired just as you would if you stepped out of ethical boundaries at your job. Believe me when I say, I respect and pity anyone in that position. I couldn’t earn a living restricting evidence, reason I’m not into politics. But as I mentioned in previous shows, did he by chance mention that the book of Hebrews was apocryphal (unknown writer, not legit) until the 1500’s when King James editors made up Paul’s authorship? Eusebius and Martin Luther clearly said Paul didn’t, so, who wrote it?

Did he explain that Julian ordered the mass murder of millions, no billions to silence reincarnation and Shabbat throughout the world? Remember what happened to the Waldensians? How about the Crusades? What do you think the Inquisition was all about? We detest ISIS killing and destroying artifacts, but Christianity did worse until very recent times trying to eradicate reincarnation and Shabbat because they go together. And apparently, the hunt continues. Did he not mention the word Palingenesea, a reserved Greek word for reincarnation, was used by Jesus in Mat 19: 28 and Titus 3:5? Did he not say that Hebrew Tav and Gimmel letters imply reincarnation? People, please, get the original facts yourselves and beware of paid agents of big religion. Don’t go to lips, go to the source.

Q. Do you believe that heaven and hell exist?   

This world fits hell’s description rather nicely, don’t you think? Kidding aside, there are celestial kingdoms and lower astral planes, guess you could call them heaven and hell.

Q. Separate question: Is there a God or other Supreme Being?

Infinite Creative Intelligence is a hard thing to conceive, but that’s what we call God. It’s not a man or a Zeus-like being, but all things seen, unseen, conceived, unconceived, infinite and impossible to describe. Since God is energy, and you and your thoughts are energy, aren’t you composed of God, and God expresses through you, every atom, pulse, thought? So, what part of you is NOT God? Give that some thought.


Q. ​What is a false religion?

What I just talked about. Anything that adulterates or doesn’t follow God’s original works, promotes intervention, pleading, doing favors to gain divine services, self-beating, pay the piper, convert others, and sell you wears. Anything suppressing knowing and loving yourself, extend that courtesy to others, and to God. Anything that accuses, condemns, sets sin as an incurable disease, interferes with people’s lives, or makes you feel unworthy, helpless, spiritually incompetent, hell bound, finite to one life, evangelizing to save your soul instead of being godly. To me, that’s a dependency chain worse than drug addiction and the worse crime against humanity because it murders the soul, not the body. This is what people believe and do in the name of God. True religion is simply letting others be and dealing with your own problems in private.

Q. Is Christianity false?

I’ll take the fifth on that one. There’s a lesson to be learned in any belief system, but being Christ-like is a universal goal. However, stating it as politely as I possibly can so no one is offended or swayed in any way, beware, most beliefs are severe miscarriages of God’s word set up to make money, not teach you God’s true law. You must be Christ-like, yes, the entire universe applauds that, but watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothes claiming to be Christian or represent Christ’s values, they’re anything but. They call everyone else false prophets, satan, yet they are the genuine article. Deep dive and practice being Christ-like from Jesus’ own lips, not someone else, so you can question disseminators of false religion, objectify, and see what pulpit charisma and fear tactics don’t want you to see; true love.

Q. Are there any Christian denominations that believe in reincarnation?

Hundreds. Unity church, Cathars, Bogomils, Rosicrucians come to mind. When Jesus and disciples used the word regeneration, they used the Greek Palingenesis … a word Greeks reserved to mean reincarnation. So, is the word reincarnation in the bible? Yep, twice actually.

Mat 19: 28, ye which have followed me, in the regeneration (palingenesea or reincarnation in Greek), when the Son of man sits in the throne of his glory … judge (krino, be separate from) the 12 tribes. Meaning, he’s up there, disciples return to review their actions in Judea.

Tit 3: 5, Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy, he saved us by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost. So what’s the holy ghost? Your higher self! Renewing is time in-between lives.

Q. I watched a tv show on Scientology. How accurate is their auditing to free people of their past life traumas.

Intercessors have no place in universal law or progressive evolution. Dependency on others is like asking for a tow truck when your car has a full tank of gas. Objectivity is all you need, don’t surrender it to no one. You know yourself better than anyone else does. Whomever does it for you is a spiritual vampire, that simple.

Q. Are the end days of earth near?

No. There will be natural disasters and the face of the planet will change from what we know today. Still, we’re moving into a positive future that will last thousands of years. We can see that happening already with a plethora of child prodigies being born, advanced beings that will carry this world forward and make it uninhabitable to more negatively minded souls, these will have to make home elsewhere in the universe but not here.

Q. Is what you are talking about God based? Do you follow the principles of Christianity?

The original, unadulterated, non man-made principles voiced by Jesus and NOT those that added to his words later, entirely. More legitimately than most people do or are willing to adopt. God’s my foundation, devotionally and scientifically, and verified, that’s the key, verified. Won’t have it any other way. Being Christ-like is the objective of all progressive brethren throughout the cosmos just as it is here, but only what Jesus strictly did and say, not what others interpreted, changed, or added to his words The book of Hebrews is a perfect example of adulteration. Don’t mean to alarm or insult anyone, but almost everything from Acts on up should be subject to extreme vetting and authorship checks. I have an original Essene letter that proves what I just said.

Q. Where can I find actual, truthful bible translation and information? Another question, what’s the best version of the bible from an accuracy standpoint?

While there’s no such thing as an actual accurate bible or translation, know that I don’t judge what people choose to believe. With all due respect & no malice implied toward anyone’s beliefs, there’s something I must add. Just as there’s no actual bible, there’s no accurate faith. What you choose is what you know. Of the 43,000+ Christian faiths alive today, none use originals. Some think they do, others claim their translations were thoroughly checked by countless experts from different faiths. But in view of so many biased edits and meaning changes, and the fact that Hebrew can’t be translated, you begin to wonder about the legitimacy of these claims. To the naked eye, all may seem fine and benign, but to the inquisitive eye, not so. The ultimate question is, how much risk are you willing to assume vs effort to avoid it?

Let’s be honest. Not everyone is willing to dig for truth or accept its real meaning. Some prefer the easy way out, hear charismatic speeches that everything will be fine, let someone else assume responsibility, and hear from others what they need to know, be it right or less right. That’s like handing a stranger a blank check. In God’s kingdom, and this is important, you can’t make people responsible for your problems or understanding, much less put them on a pedestal. Jesus said, pick up your bed and walk, so get off your—thing—and get with it. This world is full of experts trying to play leader thinking they’re contributing and they’ve been called to preach: not so. The moment you start preaching and messing with someone else’s problems, you stop solving your own.

Trying to lead means you abandoned yourself and God, and anyone that does that has baggage, should mind their own business, are selfish, know not themselves, and are thus NOT of God. These people are easy to pick out. They love using congested unclear language to mesmerize and mislead, changing scripture trying to fit their needs. One thing is to tell people of universal law and Christ consciousness, another is everything else. Jesus’ first commandment is love you and others, the second is love God. That’s it, that’s the way. No one admits being wrong, and few question what they’ve learned. Adopting incorrect concepts or faith is one’s sole responsibility. Hence, I don’t trust anything, question everything, and constantly challenge what I know. Originals are readily available on the internet. Look for Aramaic text. Septuagint, Vulgate, and anything new from there on are translations I stay clear of.

Q. Is there a Christian church that openly believes in reincarnation?

Yes. Unity church, Rosicrucians, Cathars, Bogomils, Gnostics, check out my reincarnation proof write up under the Science tab on my website to see a cross-religious list.

Q. Is there evidence in the Bible of Jesus teaching reincarnation?

Lots actually. In Matthew 19: 28, Jesus used the word palingenesea. Matthew 11:14, when he said John the Baptist is Elias autós estí or eimí Elías, he not this, is/was, which was to come and did. Matthew 16:14 when he said he was not Elias. John 9: 1 when disciples asked him if a man was born blind because of his prior sins or those of his parents. When he said in his prayer give us “this day” which means Shabbat, earth death, heavenly life, then return to life.

Church founders vouched for reincarnation in their writings, which are not easy to find and with reason. Those that counter these passages and purposely ignore or corrupt what the founders wrote, unfortunately use mistranslated text, are biased, and are not of God. Note my exacting Greek translation above and how it differs from most preacher sermons. Antagonists should adopt Christ consciousness, put their self and Big Religion association away, and respect facts without bias. See Legacy and the science tab on my site for exacting details.

Q. I have been taught that life is a vapor that vanishes away. James 4:14 states, "For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away". We turn into dust and it is over. It says nothing about returning in another form.

Take what you’ve been taught as a grain of salt, get off of spiritual welfare, and take the following information seriously because your life depends on it. If you thought vanish away means disappear or die forever, think again. Aphanizo means disfigure, old age, consume. Where does it say die forever? Why are you adding something to scripture like Big Religion does that doesn’t belong there? Brother, want to be an expert? Do so with original works, not paper weights! That’s the problem with Christianity today folks. Poor understanding of scripture, bad translations, freely corrupting God’s word. In the middle ages, women were killed just because people thought they were witches, no questions asked. People are still following the crowd, killing scripture because they think who they hear is right, no questions asked. Hitler said it best, how fortunate for governments that their people don’t think. So think, study, and don’t take milk from strangers. Question everything you hear because there’s a global push to misinform you and make money. As I said before, Mat 19: 28, palingenesea. The word of Job, St. Gregory, St. Augustine, St. Jerome. Now that you’re aware of this, what are you going to do about it? Continue to trust your sources and misrepresent God, or go after what these people keep from you? It’s your choice, accountability of what you do to humanity is also yours.

Q. I call your attention to Matthew 25:46. And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life. Good enough for me. From the book of God.

I’m not sure what the listener’s intent is with this passage. For the audience’s sake, let me explain what it means. Prior verses to this one speak of being righteous, sincere and giving. What this verse says is, those that fail to exhibit righteous behavior will be “kolasis,” punished, corrected, instructed, the penalty for being naughty. In reality, it’s not about punishment or going to hell like a lot of preachers want you to believe. Not at all. Did Jesus ever punish anyone for not being righteous? No! He corrected them! That brings light to the true meaning of kolasis. Let me bring in 1 John 4:18, another place kolasis shows up. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has punishment?” Wait, if love removes fear and you have fear because you’re unrighteous, then your fear and punishment are removed by love, right? So, the only way the unrighteous are punished is if you don’t love them. Is that what Jesus said to do? If God sends the unrighteous into eternal punishment, is he perfect love? This disconnect proves this word was inserted into the text to fit a dreadful purpose, but the actual meaning in the verse is long-term corrective consequences. So, the listener’s passage is not hell, fire, and damnation, but a warning of behavioral corrective consequences for going against the law. Again, go to the original, don’t be misled by supposed experts “paid” to keep you in a restricted wrongful state of belief.

Q. Do we all have "guardian angels"? Are they someone from our past?

Angels or messengers are physical and spiritual beings that belong to a progressive brotherhood that has our positive evolution as their life’s purpose. Our higher self, which Jesus referred to as the small still voice and the kingdom of Father within, is an initiate member thereof. They come from worlds like Mars, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, and so forth, but also higher celestial dimensions like Shamballah. They can’t interfere with choice and don’t want praise. Those that do are not higher aspirants. During missions, their evolution is placed at risk due to our obsessive sway, worshipful tendency, and possessive nature trying to be someone famous at their expense. They don’t teach, convert, or inform someone of anything not meant for them. Any infinite law violation could mean they will have to incarnate down here to work it out. By coming here, they’re not only risking their lives but their souls. The next time you want to contact them, think about what you might be doing to them. We’re like leeches to them, as bad as that sounds, and should leave them alone to their privacy and personal lives. We should mind our own soul’s business and stop trying to get free UFO rides. We have plenty to do with ourselves.

Q. How do you change the world?

By changing our own lives one thought at a time, never converting, accusing, or demeaning other people or their desires. We’re too used to trying to convert people because God said so; no, he never did. Matthew 28:20 says to “live and teach Jesus’ two commandments,” NOT to convert. The world must want to learn infinite laws and we can’t force it, not even to save it from nuclear chaos, because then you’re getting involved to save your life and that’s no longer about the lives of others.

Q. There are so many apparent contradictions in the Bible, I'm left confused. Both sides will use certain passages to make their case for or against reincarnation and the scripture they use confirms their belief. Both sides can't be right. It seems they chose the scripture they want to believe. For me, it's frustrating.

It’s really frustrating, if not outright frightening. But as I said before, don’t go by what people say, use original text, and that goes for both sides of the argument. On my website, I have statements by church founders and generations of apostle Mark that support reincarnation proving that the disciples and Jesus taught it. These are proof of heavy biblical editing.

"All these things God often works with man, to bring back his soul from the pit, to be enlightened with the light of living." Job 33. “All souls are subject to reincarnation,” Zohar II 99b. "It is absolutely necessary that the soul be healed and purified, and that if it doesn’t take place during its life on Earth, it must be accomplished in future lives." St. Gregory. “Did I not live in another body, or somewhere else, before entering my mother’s womb?” St. Augustine. "The transmigrations (reincarnation) of souls was taught for a long time among early Christians. St. Jerome.

Jesus and Titus 3:5 using the word reincarnation palingenesea in Mat 19: 28? Hebrew letters Tav and Gimmel. Jerome tells us his translations were rejected until he fit the mold! So why is there even an argument? Why are these facts hidden from the public? Reason is, reincarnation invalidates sin sacrifice, and without that, salvation based churches shut down! When Jesus said, I am the way, “I am” is not him, not ego eimí (me personally), it is I am that I am, Ahaya asher Ahayah, God. Connect the dots, see why mistranslations happened? To create belief systems.

Q. I've stopped going to a church where they preach the "prosperity gospel". Basically you will be judged on the amount you give to win souls and greed is acceptable. In fact, the pastor even brags about his possessions. How does that reconcile with your teachings?

I applaud the listener’s courage and humility. Goods must go to people, never buildings or leaders. Look at Ken Copeland, Creflo Dollar, the Jesus jets. Jesus never taught winning souls or bragging, living as humble as possible. Didn’t he say, the son of man has no place to rest his head? Mark 10:21, sell all you have, give it to the poor, not the church, and follow me. Matthew 28:20 teach my two commandments, doesn’t say go conquer, convert, or build churches. Jesus’ parable about Lazarus and the rich man, the rich man and the widow, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven. He shot down every possible article of rich imaginable, and while he traveled teaching he did so most humbly.

Q. I disagree with your statement that God does not say to convert others. There are numerous references to converting in scripture. Below is Romans 10:13-15. Also powerful is Luke 14:23

Not so. It’s unfortunate people hang on to and fight for erred interpretations, rather than humbly learn truth. I can’t make this brief. The listener is leaning on biblical substitutions and I’ll say it one last time, stop using translations. Let’s look at this from the top. Jesus in Luke 14:23 first invites the mundane to a feast but they decline. Jesus lets them go and doesn’t try to convert them. That’s clue #1. Here’s clue #2. He then calls on the poor or humble living in highways, that’s a mistranslated word. The Greek word for highway is hodós meaning, “the way.” Sounds familiar? Jesus used that same word in John 14:6 when he said I am the way. Who doesn’t know that? So, are there infidels needing conversion in hodós? No. So why convert God’s elect? See what I mean? This parable means that the elect will gather to God when called giving the mundane priority, but if they refuse, leave them alone.

Listener, you got this all backwards, Don’t distort God’s word to amass souls to your interpretation, especially when you are a church official. That parable goes against Romans 10 that suggests fetching anybody everywhere. Obviously, whoever wrote Romans is in conflict with Jesus and thus was not a true disciple.

By converting, you exalt yourself over your brother saying, I know, I’m covered, you’re not, you better be mine, else you die. No choice, eh? Who gave you the right to accuse and judge the sty in your brother’s eye, not seeing the log in yours? Jesus wouldn’t have that. Luke 14:11 says, whoever exalts himself shall be abased, and who humbles himself shall be exalted.

Why were Jesus’ sermons about humility, benevolence, love, keeping evil in check, leaving it to you to set your own house in order and leave others alone? You might say, if I don’t preach, how will people find the way? We’re born with the way folks, don’t need preaching. Be humble, that’s all the reminder we need to find the way.

Q. I was upset to hear you trash the concept of prosperity gospel. I have been taught and firmly believe that financial success, far from distracting us from the higher values, is an affirmation of godliness. It's merely God's blessings.

Higher values are giving, not taking. Yours is not an affirmation of godliness, you made that up, but selfishness. Jesus told that young rich man asking how to get to heaven to sell everything, give it to the poor, and follow him bare. Was Jesus wrong? He asked us to care for the poor and make them prosperous, not ourselves. Prosperity is a selfish substitute belief, an excuse to get rich off of others. It’s the brainchild of the industrial revolution that considers poverty and sickness a curse from broken faith, which is false. Jesus saw it not as broken faith but broken responsibility, by the rich. So much for being our brother’s keeper. Didn’t Job suffer poverty and sickness, not from broken faith but evil responsibility? Look how his friends treated him.

Think, people. 1 Timothy 6:9, “those wanting to get rich fall into temptation, traps, and foolish harmful desires that plunge people into destruction and ruin. Love of money is the root of all evil, flee from all this, pursue righteousness, faith, love.” Jesus slammed the rich 18 times! Matter of fact, the Sanhedrin killed him for it. “Don’t store treasures on earth but in heaven, for where your treasure is, your heart is there also. You can’t serve two masters, God and dollar. It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter heaven.” The poor widow, the rich young man who was to give his goods to the poor, not the church. Need more proof?

The more you make, the less is left for others. Greed makes this world what it is, financial success for few, chaotic hell for a majority living one day at a time to no fault of theirs. There just isn’t enough money to go around for everyone to succeed because of top hoarders. That’s basic economics. Someone has to pay the price for greed. By design, that’s most of us down here. That’s why this world bears such anger and crime, because of financial abuse. Blessed are the poor, meek, merciful, sincere, that hunger for virtue.

Oral Roberts kick started prosperity in the 40’s by combining revival, faith healing, charisma, everything is beautiful, and reciprocity based on pistis, the false Greek faith doctrine. It offers some of the most twisted, worse translated, Christ opposing theology ever, misinterpreting the buried talents parable and Malachi’s personal pay-for-blessings verse. Its ministers are the highest paid in the industry liable to no one, much less God, embezzling billions from unwary victims. In other words, it’s a religious mafia, the epitome of ego, with godfathers like Oral Roberts, Robert Tilton, Tommy Osborn, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copland, Reverend Ike, Kenneth Hagin. If there were ever thieves on earth, you just heard some names. The listener evidently wants to be on the list and I’m really tempted, but I’m not through yet.

Walk through low income hoods, projects, see what your prosperity did. Walk through hospitals, you won’t find a single gospel healer or prosperity donor present, unless they’re dying and neither wealth or faith can save them. Walk through food camps, are you to be found serving soup? Course not. Jesus was dirt poor, didn’t have a place to rest his head, but would give the coat off his back for you. Jesus asked the wealthy to invest in their brethren, to feed, dress, house, promote careers, whatever it took to help others, not the self, prosper. In other words, practice true love, sacrifice, and humility, not lip service.

At times I feel like giving up on this world thinking it’s not worth the trouble. People use God to benefit themselves, not others. Everything down here is me, me, me, and it’s tiring. Man that earns like hell, bound to get there. If you want to make yourself rich instead of others, be my guest.

Q. Do you feel there is a role for preachers?

Being a preacher myself, my role is to walk first, talk last. God’s like Missouri the show-me state, not Washington DC the tell-me state. If lips come first, God’s last. Jesus said, don’t throw pearls before pigs because people don’t value what you say unless it costs them, and escape accountability for their feelings if entertained. So listen, then answer. That’s how we gitter done. Jesus’ mandate is to show people how to seek answers from God through godly behavior and tact, not mortal words.

Remember: silence is golden, tape is silver. Use a healthy amount of both! Don’t target people, please. You’re doing them a grave disfavor, don’t know their needs, and can’t address the basic need which is to know yourself. People must discover need and knowledge on their own, not you, you have no clue what they need and again, they must value knowledge by working through it. Don’t do people’s homework or appease them. Don’t stand before people as an ordained holy authority figure. No ego talking heads, no finger pointing from pulpits. That’s rude, judgmental, superiority complex, and contrary to Jesus. But when and if you talk, do it for free.

Q. I'm being taught that to be saved, to be guaranteed Heaven and God's favor, I need to be born again. Do you believe that to be true from your reading of the Bible?

Absolutely! How are you born again? Leave world behind and live Christ consciousness. Tame the dark self, practice universal law, that’s all God asks. Show others how to live by your gentle silent nature, not persuasion or lips that hide sins. If you crave using words, your heart is unclean. A clean heart is all the convincing others need: humility, sincerity, generosity, respect. People resonate with actions more so than words filled with unclean heart changes, desire to possess others, ego, recognition. Find and get rid of that! The day you do, you’ll be humbled, mind your store, and leave people alone! Don’t be a body snatcher. Mathew 28:19, Go therefore and demonstrate my principles to all nations, not teach. God is the sole teacher and leader, not us. Let him lead, walk like he does, entice others to study, and keep lips shut for they corrupt with your misunderstanding. If you must say something, say only, “if you want salvation, seek ye the kingdom within on your own.” Make people responsible, have them work for wisdom so it is valued and upheld, that’s true living and faith.

Q. Do you need to be born again to improve your status when reincarnated?

You know, this “being born” phrase had totally escaped my notice and the listener just reminded me, so thank you. Would you believe that Gennáo ánothen means “heavenly regeneration,” or “come forth again from God’s heaven?” It does not mean born again or revival. Yes, mistranslated again. Regeneration is palingenesea or reincarnation. Born again means taming your lower self after spending time in heaven through reincarnation, and you’ll come back until you succeed. The more you shed the self, the more enlightened your life will be. That is pivotal and thank you for reminding me. So yes, come back, be born again until you succeed.

Q. It is my understanding from Bible study that God wants us to prosper so we can finance the gospel and establish his Covenant. I interpret that to mean that prosperity is good and that we are to help spread His word and convert. Am I misinterpreting?

It’s not your fault. Paul invented prosperity, he was a business man and that was solely his idea. Today, we call it multi-level marketing. Jesus abhorred it because it leads to abuse, division, and power. Did Paul counter Jesus? Yup. Let’s look at these Pew statistics. 99+% of converts come from other Christian faiths. 64% of non-believers are in China where religion is stifled. The other 36% are non-Christian faiths. What is your money doing then? Sad to say, snatching people from other Christian churches to inflate yours. Who benefits in all that swapping? Not the covenant, but church leadership. It’s all about the money.

According to Giving USA, in 2016, churches earned $400 billion, 2% of GDP, but only 12% went to human service. Add other donating countries to that and easily ten-fold that into trillions, plus a $71 billion government subsidy and tax breaks. How much do they make then? It’s staggering! Is that cash really going to the covenant, or deep pockets? Ask Ken Copeland, $750 million net worth. You’re responsible where your money goes, don’t think for a minute once you pay it’s no longer your problem. Far from it. You’re enabling the problem.

If Jesus said no, that’s it for me. One thing is to help your belief community through tithe. It’s biblical and supported by Jesus. But be careful, another is to blindly fill greedy coffers and abandon the poor. Jesus shot down the rich on both sides of the aisle, church and public, steered people to give to the poor directly, and tithe without pumping your chest. That’s the covenant. Is that what we do?

You, not a paid agent or church, are the covenant, the light tower for others, the clother, feeder, example, hope, brother’s keeper, love. Don’t pay to have it done for you feeling you’ve done your part. Reach people’s hearts with gentleness, not words, gifts, money, or gimmicks. If you pay others to do it for you, it’s your choice, but not what Jesus asked us to do. The covenant and his word are you, not a talking head you can’t control, it must be you and for free. Behavior is what counts, not dollars or persuasion, there is no heart in that. Prove you love him, take care of his sheep, not a system. Lips and money ain’t love. I can tell my wife I love her or demonstrate it. Which do you think she appreciates most?

Q. You mentioned on the recent show that we should stop using translations and study carefully. Where can we go to get the truth? Who can we trust?

Trust no one, not even me. I’ve exposed few mistranslated verses brought forward by listeners. The bible is filled with them. My advice, to make it simple for starts, learn to use the Blue Letter online bible, use the tools button next to each verse, then click on the Strong’s links for each word. Also, read the entire chapter for content, don’t get hung up on a single verse because that can be dangerous. Example, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. What do you think that means, revenge? No. What came before that? Don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s womb. What did you think it meant? I rest my case. FYI, you’ll find the meaning of 30 shekels of silver, Judah’s prize, in Exo 21: 32 nearby. Also check Zechariah 11:13 and Mathew 27:9.

Q. When you are quoting scripture what Bible are you using?  

I go straight to the original Hebrew and Greek. Not NIV, not KJ, or any other translation. The original. You can use Blue Letter Bible on the web. For Hebrew, I use Kabbalah to decipher numerology content, the only way to really translate Hebrew. I never use Septuagint or Vulgate.

Q. Do you believe in angels? I've heard about the angel of death. Does one exist?

Angels, messengers, yes, seen them but nothing like they are pictured with wings and what not. Look at the Venus video on my website. Those are an example of the angels the bible speaks of. I’ve run into some evil beings, but the only being devoted to kill you is your lower self.

Q. Was Jesus reincarnated or resurrected?

Reincarnated, yes. Resurrected, not exactly. Healed, yes. I encourage the reader to check out Essenic records on what really happened during the crucifixion. You might find it, challenging to accept.

Q. I’m gay. Is that wrong?

No. People misunderstand this subject something awful and are most unkind about it. Same-sex affinity is due to having lived too many lives in the opposite sex and carrying that desire into the present life. That’s all it is. Sad thing is these individuals are treated with great disrespect and that’s just wrong. We are brothers and sisters, born into different sexes to experience both sides of biology, not for pleasure but balance. We must learn to live in each sex because it’s universal law, so please respect anyone in the process of adapting. Sex is a talent like art, a thing of beauty and respect, a uniform, a gift from God to be respected, not used for desire, pride, or ego. I know all about Romans 1:26-32, in case listeners feel a bit uneasy with what I just said. Romans violates Jesus’ mandates big time. Consider Mary Magdalene and how he treated her. Love everyone likewise, regardless of sexual orientation, none of us are perfect. What entitles us to cast the first stone? Love, don’t hurt, segregate, name call, or judge others for their choices. Didn’t Jesus say not to call others Racca? Leave people alone, focus on your own problems.

Q. Who judges the quality of one’s life and rewards or punishes?

No one other than ourselves. Adhere to universal law, listen to the higher self. Judgment is your proportional adherence therein. People live and choose based on what they know, so judgment is relative to self-wisdom, not an observer. That’s why I say don’t interfere with people, let them live, but show them your best. In a contact I had in June 1981, I was told to show others how to live. I’m my first customer, and listening to the higher self my reward.

Q. Genesis 6:4 speaks of giants. What do you make of that?

Orion holds a special place in ancient religious worship and Genesis 6:4 is no exception. The verse must be read carefully and in its original language to obtain its true meaning. Translated correctly, the word Nephiyl (נָפִיל) means noble and skillful “aliens” from the “giant in the sky,” Orion, not tall monsters brewing havoc among humans. According to the text, there were Nephiyl in those days living among us, but then the text says that “sons of Gods” came from somewhere else and got mixed up with earth women. Ben elohim, not Nephiyl, were the ones that interfered with earth life and impregnated women. There you have the true and complete story of Genesis giants. Maybe we’re dealing with abduction and genetic manipulation as Assyrian lore describes?

Q. You often mention "universal law". What is it?

The flow of creation, dos and don’ts. I’m writing a page on my website about universal laws, it’s available now in the Science tab, I’ll be adding more to it. I outline it as follows: everything for everyone else, nothing for me, and serve the elements. That wraps it up.

Q. What is heaven? Does it really exist and is it for eternity?

They are higher dimensional celestial worlds you visit between earth lives to train for your next life until you can permanently reside there. They are real. See Legacy pictures where I show them.

Q. Do all humans have eternal life?

In the one body, no, but consciousness, yes, returning countless times until they make spirit worlds their home.

Q. Is there a judgment day? I’m trying to find out what happens when we die, who determines our status in the new life, and how soon does that happen.

Judgment is each second, not some day. Upon death, the mind goes where it knows and likes. Today’s tastes make in-between and next life experiences what they are. Where you go is what you have in you. So, you are your own judge and executioner. Now, it could take several years to return, or maybe not, all depends on others you need to work past karma out with being present on earth while you are also.