Stacy has another interesting little secret. Look at her eyes. Her pupils will change often from human (round) to ... reptilian or feline (slits). Her skin will also tighten in the process. She is beginning to recognize and workout several past lifetimes responsible for this condition today. Will keep you posted on her developments.

This implies that the natural speed of energy in space, given equal counter energy, is a factor of 423,970 meters/sec in free space. If counter energy is doubled, then speed would be twice that, etc. Basically, this is a WARP formula. Taking the same result, but making accelerating mass "m(v)" different from space mass "m," we arrive at a different result. Keep in mind that the greater "m" is, the higher WARP speed registry. In the case where space density is low, "m" could be less, however if the volume of the vessel is smaller than the field area encompassed in space, then "m" will be greater.

Ruben Gutierrez

It's indeed a small world. An old friend re-found, a fellow brother with a huge heart for art, infinite perception, and vast inspiration who felt drawn to remaster this beautiful picture of the Apunian doctor from my April 2017 astral travel.

His expression demonstrates a deep love for all creation as well as respect for any and all intelligent beings. My dear, true brother Ruben, thank you for your gift and for holding fast to our dearest core value: "Todo por los demas," meaning "All for others."

Of course, Robert Maxxim must always put a spin on things, so he would say, "Nothing for me" for "I am one of all."

Stacy Bogg

Stacy, founder of Karma Rocks, is a recent contact though an old friend. Stacy has given me several surprises over the last several months after starting to read Legacy. One such surprise was her ability to provide the voice over track for May Len in the Episode IV video with vivid past clarity, as well as information about me and May Len she never knew about.

Just recently she brought back a formula from a dream that, unknown to her, yields the natural space current velocity when matching cosmic kinetic energy. In plain English now, every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Thus, when opposing natural cosmic current energy, the result is the instantaneous production of opposite velocity without much effort. For example, when an electromagnet is activated, a nearby magnet will react either through attraction or repel based on its polarity, energy, and distance from the source. What Stacy's formula indicates is that an object at rest in space, suddenly creating an energy field precisely counter to that of space, will either attract or repel based on its polarity at a velocity of 1.414 times the speed of light.

Solving for k:

Kendall Falk

A native of Madison, CT, Kendall is a professional graphic artist. Her website is where you can read all about her artistry and interests. We met recently at the 2017 LAX Conscious Life Expo and her numerous experiences over the years are finally coming to the spotlight. Her description of the destruction of Mars and Lemurian raptors closely echoes Legacy Episode IV. I thank Kendall for her willingness to share her visions of the past with the world.

Reader visionary submissions

Various individuals, upon reading Legacy, connected with past and present visions, dreams, and feelings they previously did not understand. These experiences not only prove the concept of reincarnation but also reinforce with resounding legitimacy the forgotten and mostly misunderstood history of mankind on this world.

Thus it is that, with the reader's permission, this page is dedicated to their experiences so that others may also benefit from them. In the sharing, so do we foster understanding and brotherhood. That's what our true mission on this world is. Therefore, if you've had a vision, don't hesitate to share it and, by all means, this website is here to help you share.