Tav: Value: 400. Reincarnation, returning Light from above, fountain of life for those who aspire to attain mastery in serving the Light.


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The Hebrew letter 'tav' is the last letter of the alphabet. It's the secret of 'returning Light from above' back to alef, the first letter of the alphabet, forming the word 'ta' or 'cell.' Tav means reincarnation, the stamp of previous lives, and life's continuity by coming full circle back to alef.

Tav is the rest's hallmark and the fountain of life for those who aspire to attain mastery in serving the light. And how many Hebrew words contain the letter tav, implying reincarnation?

Robert Maxxim

Aleph: Value: 1. Life's continuity, return to experience and continue lessons learned, strength and oneness of God, master of creation. Aleph-Tav is the building blocks of creation, picture of God-man, unity, God in us, infinity.



Mem: Value: 40.Flowing stream, fountains, inner wisdom from heaven. God's omnipresence, His place. Only God can satisfy spiritual thirst


עַם  'am', meaning 'people'

The Hebrew word 'am' for example, meaning 'people,' endows special significance to re-embodiment when translated through gematria. The word literally means 'eyes living in fountains of divine wisdom in His dwelling place, forms [physical bodies] that must rest as they have a beginning and an end.'

Led by the letter 'ayin' (see references below) with a value of 70, or 7 times 10, Shabbat rest and physical reality are key factors of the word 'am.' The same is true of the second letter 'mem' with a value of 40, or 4 times 10, implying the fourth commandment and again physical reality.

Shabbat is the most significant of all commandments. Represented by the numbers 4 and 7, it implies a brief state of rest from physical burdens in heaven's foyers. It's a period of respite from earthly life when the soul leaves the physical and briefly embraces heavenly life in realms of light. At the end of Shabbat, the soul resumes earthly chores and applies divine wisdom learned, testing personal compliance with the first three commandments. The fourth commandment applies not only to re-embodiment but also atoms, worlds, stars, and galaxies. Shabbat is the answer to universal entropy and the rebirth of all expression, ever evolving higher mastery within the Infinite.


Ayin: Value: 70. Eye, understand and obey God's spiritual light. Man is a miniature world, see world inside and outside. god's intimate knowledge of our souls. Only the inner eye can behold divine radiance 

Another Hebrew letter, 'gimmel,' spells yet another reference to re-embodiment. It affirms that souls master works of charity and loving sacrifice by alternating between divine and physical abodes and applying lessons learned. Gimmel inspires benign giving and yearning for His Majesty's mandates, exemplifying third commandment directives. Likewise, how many words contain gimmel?

Gimmel:Value: 3. master charity works, loving sacrifice, by alternating between divine and physical abodes, applying lesosns learned. Kindness, giving determines our existence in realms of spirit, redemption.

Over 51% of the world's population believes and practices some form of reincarnation. History and every major inspired devotional writing confirms its reality and function. It has been denied recently because ... religions and government would be a thing of the past.

Religious doctrines, whether directly or otherwise, fought against the idea of reincarnation for centuries, although these writings clearly reveal knowledge and practice thereof. See the REINCARNATION HISTORYand SOUL & REINCARNATION EVIDENCE write ups for quoted statements from ancient sources such as the bible, Koran, and key theologians regarding reincarnation, including scientific evidence.

   Giuseppe Valentini


Death is, therefore, the most glorious of rests; Shabbat for the soul, a most unique invitation to visit God's gleaming spiritual mansions. And who would deny such wondrous invitation?

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others were gathered to their 'people.' Since theirs is a God of the living [for all live in Him], then such post-death gathering place is no sleeping sepulcher but divine fountains, a spring of spiritual life far from earthly.

The body sleeps in death and stops functioning, but the spirit is not the body and does not sleep. Rather, it returns to God and gathers to divine fountains to learn and admire its heavenly future, for in God all live in Him. This is why Ecclesiastes 12:7 states so eloquently: 'dust shall return to the Earth as it was, and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.'

​Modern scriptural translations make reincarnation detection almost an impossible chore. When the Roman Church replaced original texts (Septuagint and Masoretic) with Latin Vulgate, re-embodiment was wiped from scriptures. Whether it was purposeful or indirect matters not, the end result is that the true meaning of Shabbat and reincarnation were lost, words that go hand in hand, Gematria, a crucial dictionary built into each Hebrew letter, was instantly stripped away the moment ancient texts were translated, thus destroying their true meaning.

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Aleksey Sofronov