Q. I enjoy listening to your broadcasts. Then again I also enjoy fiction. Great stories but that's all they are, stories. Can't believe anyone really buys this as truth.

Glad you enjoyed it, and more is coming. Legacy is indeed a sci fi novel but based on a true story whose details are both autobiographical and scientific. It was written as a parable to describe universal law and behavior, but the concepts, visions, and people in the story are real and confirmed by others. I don’t like pseudo-science, not one bit, or staying within my safety net. An example of extraordinary pseudo scientists are flat earthers. In spite of NASA and amateur high atmospheric photography, including kids, flatters insist earth is flat. Hard to believe. People stubbornly stick to the strangest beliefs even with evidence knocking at their door. So trying looking at Legacy’s references, it’s all there.

My dad was born in a humble Cuba fishing village. He once told me when the first radio showed up in the early 20’s, he was 10 years old at the time, people didn’t believe the voice traveled through the air into the radio. They thought it was all a hoax and there was a little guy crammed inside the radio box. Some went as far as to tear it apart looking for the little guy. They wondered at first why anyone really bought the voice over air concept as truth, but seeing is believing.

I review many testimonials and videos daily, but I must say many are hoaxes or subconscious stories lacking evidence. So yes, proceed with caution, ask for the Carfax, but don’t dump what could be the greatest truth you ever came across judging it’s just a story. I’d love to talk to you about it, so feel free to get in touch. BTW, that invitation goes out to all listeners. Don’t be shy, do reach out whether your intent is pleasant or not. I will always treat people with respect.

Q. Reincarnation is New Age crap. Forgive my language but I'm sick of people falling for this lie of Satan. I've spent my life in a Bible based church and it is clear what the Bible teaches. I will refer you to Job 16:22 and Job 14:10-12. Honestly, I believe you will be punished for encouraging belief in these false teachings. Please stop.

God’s presence is measured by confirmed truth and holy behavior, not noise. No one has the right to tell others what to believe, much less curse. Besides, last time I checked, this was still America? Ironically, in those Job chapters he begged to die and never return to earth because of people like this, that’s what he means by death, not ever waking up the body down here again. You must read the whole chapter to know this, something the listener apparently didn’t do. Now, with all due respect, did Jesus ever get sick of his brethren, misrepresent scripture, follow a church or man instead of God, judge, or behave menacingly? Attacking others or their beliefs is a sign you haven’t conquered the self or learned God’s true teachings. I take it TL didn’t care to review any of the facts I present. Of course not. Otherwise, it would show. Today, pulpits spout, only we have the truth, we have the complete message, following us is following God, convert people so you go to heaven, repent and don’t go to hell. How can you change yourself, much less others, if you don’t know what God’s true law is? These pulpits use God’s word to fill pews, not bring God to people’s hearts. Did Jesus ever do that? No! That’s ego! Read Mathew 28:20, observe his commandments. Love your neighbor as yourself, love God, behave godly and know God is within. What part of that went wrong with this soul’s question?

First of all, reincarnation is recorded worldwide as far back as the beginnings of time. It’s not New Age. Second, emperor Julian is the one that wiped it off the map. Third, Christian founders, including two generations from apostle Mark, supported it, even Jesus, Essenes, Pharisees, and tons of near east, European, Asian, African, and native american beliefs, most wiped out by Julian’s mandates. Fourth, hate, fear, and brute force are tools forbidden by God but accepted by Satan. Fifth, Job abhors in those chapters nagging accusatory people that hurt others instead of cleaning up their own souls, calling it TAMEI, foul/false religion. Sixth, atoms are not solid but spiritual, so what and where could you possibly be if not in spirit already? Think about it, stop thinking earth/physical so you understand what God means by the word soul. I double dare the listener to stand in a synagogue, in front of the people that wrote the old testament, and try making a case. You’ll get torn up.

Shame on those making their illiteracy and sinful problems that of others, disregard God’s law or self objectivity, and steamroll people with fear, hate, and sin. That’s not how God operates, but Job’s foul religion does. It’s really a pity. You want to be Christ like? If you are without sin, cast the first stone.

Q. Legacy, you search for your soulmate. Did you find in real life more than once?

Face to face, not in this life, but in others, yes. At least 7 I know of. To her credit, with all the mistakes I’ve made, May Len is one patient loving soul that puts me to shame.

Q. What is the purpose of life?

To come down, teach your lower nature what you learned in higher worlds (not other people), and evolve this mental level upward. Eventually, you won’t have to return. Life is not a vacation but rather, a learning mission.

Q. Do you have family members that share your belief of past lives? I am afraid to bring it to up to mine. Should I? If so how?

My attempt had catastrophic results but I wasn’t waylaid or afraid. There’s a reason for fear, perhaps from negative past experiences when death was the price for speaking up. The whole world is afraid of saying, hello, my name is Robert, and I’m a reincarna holic, simply because of past memories. Remember the Inquisition? Witch burnings? That’s reason enough. Just remember, people are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover. So, when it’s their time, they’ll figure it out.

Q. What are the best ways to recall past lives?

And the secret sauce is: not to try. They will come to you when you least expect it. Just understand your thoughts because, they are influenced by the past. Use the self mastery chart and teachings on the UU site, including Legacy, that will get your mental juices going.

Q. Is meditation helpful in trying to find out about past lives?

Some meditation blocks self-awareness and that’s a bad thing. Others attune you to your higher self. Do practice caution and don’t use it as a means to run away from negative feelings. Face those feelings, know them, but don’t allow them to get you emotional.

Q. Can humans incarnate as animals or visa versa?

At times, I meet people I’d swear were because they act like one. All kidding aside, not so. But, keep denying your spiritual heritage and regenerating the past and you’ll come to the de-evolutionary point where you’ll find yourself on a less evolved world or form.

Q. Do you believe in Karma?

It’s fact! The sum and total of past experiences in the present.

Q. Is there such a thing as real death?

In the far reaches of negation, there is absorption of energy back into the Infinite and you start all over again from the simplest forms of elemental life. It’s not entirely death and I don’t like to think about such things, but by opposing universal truth you get to the point where you loose all you’ve accomplished and evolved over millions of years.

Q. I once read that birthmarks are considered evidence of reincarnation. Is that true?

Yes indeed! I have birthmarks and they are related to past events. Hundreds of studies were conducted on that and confirmed. Legacy details the process.

Q. What are signs I've had past lives?

Everything about you is the past. Your likes, dislikes, talents, even allergies. If you are aware you have past lives, you will begin to see what and when. If you deny it, then you’ll be subject to mental forces you can’t see or comprehend, but affects you nevertheless. You can’t get rid of it until you recognize and instruct it.

Q. How are we impacted by negative actions of past lives?

No different than negative actions in this life such as childhood experiences, etc. Negative past actions are lessons that we come to review, update, and impel positive learning to propel us into the future and lessen past inclinations.

Q. Are we tethered to our past? Do we have to heal past issues in order to live a life of our dreams?

We are our past, even this life’s past. Being aware of that tidbit starts the healing process rolling. Our mission is to recognize and positively bias the past, and what better way than putting your mind into something positive, like studying the science of life rather than staying busy with CNN, football, mundane stuff, regenerating past habits.

Q. Why should I study past lives?

Because knowing your past explains what you are today and then you can do something about it. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Since we are our past, knowing the self is key to leading a healthy progressive life. Know the reasons for your fears, problems, inhibitions, likes/dislikes. It’s all in knowing yourself and remember, the past is you.

Q. What is the difference between Reincarnation and Resurrection?

Resurrection means coming back alive in the same body, for the most part, or taking possession of someone else’s body. Reincarnation is the legit assumption of a new body that your higher self helps you build so you and only you can inhabit and experience this dimensional plane like an avatar.

Q. What are your thoughts on Spiritism? Do you believe the spirit evolves through incarnations?

Spiritism is a 19th century Christian philosophy established by French educator Allan Kardec that teaches reincarnation after death. Some associate Spiritism with witch craft, voodoo, and spirit manifestations or contact. I don’t get into these lower forms of expression but follow instead the mission that my higher self assigned, and that is to ask nothing of no one and give everything to everyone else. Such is the mastery pathway in spiritual evolution through incarnations.

Q. Does the way a person lives their life determine their next existence? Do they get a better existence if good or an animal if bad?

Where your mind resides so you are, but intelligence is not retroactive because energy cannot be destroyed. Just like you learn calculus and can’t forget it overnight, you can’t discard intelligence and de-evolve into an animal in a snap.

Q. Is the cycle of rebirth endless?

Seems that way, but no. We are reborn to evolve our lower nature in this and other worlds, then continue existence in spiritual realms.

Q. What happens in past life therapy? I’m concerned about someone playing with my mind

And you should be. Students sharing experiences and lessons without ego to learn of their past, or getting help from confirmed higher non-earthly sources, that’s fine. Otherwise, past life therapy can fall victim to intercessors, born in sin concepts, hypocrisy, incompetence, feeling like a helpless contagion—that’s not the mark of an able student in flight. Jesus called public witnessing & prayer hypocritical in Mathew 6, and God’s law promotes self-enablement.

Ask yourself, what’s wrong with having past lives and being you, why should anyone need earthly help or therapy to write you off as a basket case? What must be cured and who judged you to be negative? Apparently, someone with a superiority complex too holy for the rest of us. The higher self is your sole therapist, anyone selling services is an intercessor refuted by infinite law. Past lives are evolutionary lessons, not disease, so no one is authorized to provide therapy and do your homework for you, that’s a disablement. Never put anyone over you as teacher, advisor, or helper, that’s the biggest violation against universal rights there is. No one, let me repeat, no one has the right to teach, point out problems, improve, cure, give past readings, lifetime re-enactments, tell you are negative … no, no, no. A doctor if you’re ill, yes.

All you need is the science of life on your own terms, be willingness to solve your own problems, and your higher self who knows the what and when. Of your lower self, with clueless helpers, you only inflate the ego. Deal with fear and guilt by listening to it but turning the other cheek, that’s all the therapy you need. Life is like self-paced learning, not instructor led class. You need no therapy or help to know yourself. If you get help down here, expect lies and brainwashing.

I’m thinking of a San Diego UFO cult that offers past life therapy, it’s bunk. Beware of people revealing unconfirmed past life information, have you act out, testify, and believe them. God don’t work like that. Nothing could be more dangerous, it’s a prime directive violation and our higher brothers have shown contactees like Adamski and Dr. Ernest Norman NOT to do it. The idea gives reincarnation a bad rap and turns my stomach. This can be more harmful than cancer and I’d stay far from it. Follow the father within and resort to no one else, no one, unless there’s confirmed celestial relationship involved. You are your own answers, so go get them as Jesus said in Mathew 6, Don’t be a hypocrite, go into your room, close the door, and talk to Father in secret. Doesn’t sound like he connected us with a therapist, did he?

Q. I saw a TV commercial for a past life facilitator. Are these people legit? What should I ask them?

You have a built-in facilitator, free! No one knows you better than your higher self, it also knows when you should know stuff. Your emotions ARE your past. Hear them out, they will tell you precisely why you feel the way you do, these silent words are your past lives talking.

Q. Do we have to explore our past lives to live our current life to it's fullest?

We must objectify and know our feelings, at all times, born from past lives. As you do that, past lives will come to you. That’s living life to its fullest, attractions & pleasures are not.

Q. What are the signs of past lives?

The fact that you’re here and all that you are, desire, know, and fear. All of you comes from the past, every thought, interest, love and detest, accidents, disease, jobs, friends.

Q. What does my past life say about who I am now?

You are what you made yourself to be. As they say, you spent thousands of years making yourself up, don’t tell me you’re disappointed with the results. But consider that who you are now is only a sliver of your past, just enough to see and work out what parts you can handle now. In your next life, you’ll deal with other past events and so on. If you get it all at once, it would drive you insane.

Q. Did you live on earth in your past lives?

For the last 127,000 years, yes. My unwillingness to forgive myself, face and get over past deeds, and deny desire that’s kept me here all this time. And I still have more to go.

Q. I believe in past lives but I can’t see any signs of mine, just dreams. How do I know if they are more than just random dreams?

I hear this a lot, and heard it from me too. Dreams are for the most part reactions and emotions from the past, compromised by present emotions and pieced together by conscious mind. The mind adds symbols where it can’t resolve, just as you make out shapes in the dark. These symbols come from your past and mean something subconsciously. Once you learn to objectify your thoughts, you’ll gain clarity. Use the mastery chart provided in UU, it will help you get there. Don’t rush to see past lives. Learn to analyze your feelings first, and then past lives will come to you, including in dreams and wake states, because what you feel now comes from back then. Feelings speak louder than visions.

Q How do we deal with transgressions in past lives?

With sincerity and forgiveness. The word transgression has a hint of condemnation, reason I prefer not to use it. After all, God doesn’t condemn, never will. Pesha is the Hebrew word for transgression which means doing things against creation’s design, until you learn not to. If we’re not perfect, isn’t error to be expected? Therefore, to deal with past lives, recognize and learn from their lessons and apply positive action. But be careful, don’t extort God. Repaying or doing the Infinite favors to be saved don’t work. Try extorting a police officer. God’s no different. We can’t define payment because, there is none. If you repay someone for your deeds, you could be inhibiting their life’s mission. Love is the only payment. The Infinite inspires humility, and the only gift you can give God is your heart, sincerity, and respect.

Q. Over the years, I have experienced déjà vu. I can’t shake the feeling that some things are predictable, it’s like having a memory of something before it happens. Something happen long after my dream. Like meeting someone 25 years after the dream or having a car accident (down to within two miles of the road where it happened) 8 years after a dream. It feels like my future self told my past self that it happened or will happen and my past self can’t prevent it. Is it possible to use information from your past self to prevent future incidents such as accidents?

It’s no accident or freak of nature, it’s normal. Seeing future events helps build confidence, but we must study the science of life to know what to do. Seeing is a signature of inter-dimensional mental scope, so don’t decline it. Don’t think of it as something special but rather common among all creation, the norm. But remember, some life events or accidents do happen for a pre-planned learning experience. Prohibiting that makes you liable, so sharing the future may not be a good idea.

Q. When I have a premonition, even a gut feeling, is that a past life influence?

Sometimes. It could be a memory, an inner warning, or realization of something you must do. The way it feels is not necessarily what it is, past/future influences do muddy the waters, reason objectivity is pivotal.

Q. I often hear of a younger person being called "an old soul". Are they really an old soul from another life?

That’s a term applied to individuals who have had several past life events and lessons learned, because there is no age to the soul. It is eternal.

Q. Are birthmarks scars from wounds from another life?

Some are, but others are the result of wounds inflicted by you to others. We always hear or want to know what was done to us, but rarely what we did to others. We must go both ways with this.

Q. Do you know how you died in past lives?

All too clear, right down to feelings. Drownings, arrows, fire, illness, torture, old age. I’ve also seen how I was born and where.

Q. Is there such a thing as death?

No. Not even life. Energy cannot be destroyed, and you are energy. Thus, you are as eternal as the source of creative energy, which is God.

Q. What is the point of knowing about our past lives?

Good question. I always say, there’s no point. Rather, I promote the idea of knowing yourself first, and then the past will be revealed on a need to know basis. The higher self will show you past lives when ready so you can learn from them. Knowing past lives can set you back if you don’t know what to do about it. You must be ready for past lives, just as you must be ready for an exam.

Q. How long have we lived on earth? Have all of us been here in some form since the beginning? And what do you feel was the beginning?

Everyone’s stay on earth varies, and many commute back and forth to other worlds. Let’s take this up a notch. You commute to other dimensions between lives, do you not? Also consider that, what may be in your past now, in other dimensions, could be a future life and vice versa. That is, past lives are sequential in this dimension, but not in spiritual dimensions. This means your consciousness can experience past, present, or future lives depending on the dimensional level it finds itself in, making this physical world even more so an illusion.

Q. Can how we live our lives now affect our future lives?

Yes, your future also affects your present just as the past. Consider your higher self is your future, and it’s there with you at all times changing past and present. So yes, your consciousness is in the present, but, your other conscious dimensional states can be in past or future stages. Again, in spiritual dimensions, time doesn’t exist.

Q. Why is it a vast majority of people do not remember past lives? 

They do, they just grow up being told you only live once enough times that you believe it and get your train off its tracks. The norm is to remember. Children do, but after the world retools them, that’s it, you’re done, mentally compromised. I had a son that, at age 3, said he was building a spaceship to return to Mars, his home planet. He figured that out much earlier in life than I did.

Q. Do you live your life with your next life in mind?

I do. I call that keeping your eye on the prize, always thinking of the higher self and the brotherhood. There’s nothing for me to dwell on down here, compared to what I’ve seen beyond. No comparison.

Q. I've heard it said that true happiness cannot happen until the mind has been cleared of all past conditioning. Is that true? How do we do that?

The listener is right. We’ve had so much conditioning over time, we can’t tell the door from the knob. At times we push the knob and turn the door. We must come to desire higher values. That’s how we move up, and that’s true happiness.

Q. Are my emotional issues now caused by problems in my past life? How do I know?

Emotional issues do come from the past, but remain as issues until you objectify and stop their fear and desire. It’s your own voice, so let it tell you what it wants. Are you emotional because you wanted someone to behave a certain way or didn’t get what you expected? That’s usually the root cause, wanting something from someone. Do look into that possibility. Want nothing from no one, and you will be free.

Q. When we are reborn are we blank slates or do we carry scars from past lives?

Not just scars but open wounds, missing limbs, mental disease, good and not so good thoughts, knowledge, interests, talents, and lessons learned in-between lives. As soon as you land here, you have past experiences waiting for your arrival and they come at you like a freight train, trying to defuse what you learned in-between lives because it doesn’t like change.

Q. You talk about negative issues from past lives that we [bring] with us into this life. Are there positive issues or traits from past lives that we bring into our new life?

Negative and positive is relative to each individual. Each soul is their own dimension per say and can’t be compared. That said, the lower self, or past experiences from this dimension, are perhaps the lowest energies in your soul, but you have your higher self which is the collection of positive expressions and that is your guiding angel if we want to call it that. Your compassion toward others, following universal law, selflessness, truth, sincerity, that’s positive. Keeping your mind on positive things evolves your lower nature.

Q. In a bible study recently I asked about reincarnation. The pastor said there is no such thing and used Hebrews 9:27 for proof. “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”

Of course your pastor will say that. That’s what he gets paid to uphold, or be labeled a heretic and fired just as you would if you stepped out of ethical boundaries at your job. Believe me when I say, I respect and pity anyone in that position. I couldn’t earn a living restricting evidence, reason I’m not into politics. But as I mentioned in previous shows, did he by chance mention that the book of Hebrews was apocryphal (unknown writer, not legit) until the 1500’s when King James editors made up Paul’s authorship? Eusebius and Martin Luther clearly said Paul didn’t, so, who wrote it?

Did he explain that Julian ordered the mass murder of millions, no billions to silence reincarnation and Shabbat throughout the world? Remember what happened to the Waldensians? How about the Crusades? What do you think the Inquisition was all about? We detest ISIS killing and destroying artifacts, but Christianity did worse until very recent times trying to eradicate reincarnation and Shabbat because they go together. And apparently, the hunt continues. Did he not mention the word Palingenesea, a reserved Greek word for reincarnation, was used by Jesus in Mat 19: 28 and Titus 3:5? Did he not say that Hebrew Tav and Gimmel letters imply reincarnation? People, please, get the original facts yourselves and beware of paid agents of big religion. Don’t go to lips, go to the source.

Q. I really do not believe in past lives. From what I’ve seen these people who feel they have lived past lives are simply victims of the power of suggestion. They want to believe. Often the hypnotist will lead them to a conclusion based on his slanted questions?

I agree. Some that believe are misled by supposed experts and scams. No wonder there’s so much doubt. No one should tell you who you’ve been, but fools rush in, they want to know at all cost. Not good. First analyze and know yourself, then, if you have a need to know, then and only then, you’ll see past lives. But the fact remains; you have, indisputably, lived before. The nature of energy, atoms, and your mental construct are proof enough. Let me explain.

Scientifically and theologically, there’s no difference between spirit and the forces that make up atoms and space. It’s all energy which is God’s essence. If we agree thus far, then I’ll ask, where is and was your spirit? If it’s in the body, was it originally spread across the cosmos in the atoms that eventually joined to make that body? Else, how did spirit get in the body and from where? Was it made on the fly, or did it pre-exist? We can see that atom conglomerates are not the soul but rather something the soul assumes much as we don clothes. So, if you’re not here, where’s there, how did you come to stay here, and how do you return? What and where are you then? You must understand what spirit is and how it applies to God’s image and trinity, and prove these concepts before passing judgment or throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Did you know the body’s mass to space ratio is a millionth billionth of a percent? Just to give you an idea of how solid you are, if your body was a cube measuring 22 feet each way or three times the size of this room I’m in, the part of you that’s solid would be a grain of sand. There’s so much space between atoms that if you looked out from an atom, nearby atoms would look like star pinpoints. Spirit is an energy intelligence overlay, a conglomerate of energy strings overshadowing atoms like an avatar. If it’s not from here, it can’t stay here. So it comes to and from in cycles for development because energy can’t be destroyed and neither can experience gathered here. Experiences must be lived and corrected here. The concept is more complex than this, but that’s the basic science behind it.

Jesus explained it thoroughly because, you have a need to know. This is critical science and theology, not new age or scam stuff. Without this knowledge, no wonder people want to believe, while others discredit. Think on what I just said, deeply and carefully. One of these days, I’ll do a special program on “the proof.”

Q. My priest says that reincarnation is a lie of satan. Is it possible it is a tool of satan?

Dear soul, it’s not satan or his tool. Instead, it’s a tool of your priest. Your priest is accusing without evidence or references. Where is that written exactly, even implied? Every reference to live-once I’ve seen was either mistranslated or picked between segments explaining why final death was not optional but desired. Let’s not forget what the meaning of “died and gathered to his people” is, because that people reference ties back to Deu 4: 19, people on heavenly nations. Yes, it says that literally! Reborn on another world! See, dead-on literal references, that’s what we need, not incomplete verses and brute force to prove a point by assumptions.

Isn’t satan the master accuser, and doesn’t God forbid accusing? With deepest respects, if your priest accuses, what is he? If the bus doesn’t go our way, is the driver satan? The food is too hot, so the cook is satan. The car didn’t start, it’s satan. A hurricane wrecked Miami, that’s satan. Satan does everything, God does nothing! People, don’t you realize you’re praising satan? Please, get off that nonsense, study, and objectify. Don’t let anyone hypnotize you with fears and unfounded accusations. Billions died under the Christian knife, but it was justified because they were satan! Has that changed? People are still being manipulated in droves with fears and lies to keep them hostage under the repressive lips of big religion that teaches you nothing but the opposite of Christ’s teachings. Love yourself as others, and your God with all your might. Do and say as Jesus did, not what others tell you to.

Q. Why is it that often people who claim to have past lives have been famous people from the past? We don’t seem to hear a lot from people who were just common people.

Hallelujah! Yes! You know what I call that? Ego! You have any idea how many Napoleons and Jesus I’ve met? I have yet to meet Hitler, Vlad the impaler, and Attila. The rush to be famous and invent past lives is one reason so many doubt reincarnation. People need to stop making past lives up. Instead, study yourselves and be dead sincere. Now, you have famous people saying they believed in reincarnation like General Patton, Henry Ford, Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin, Sylvester Stallone, Phil Collins, Steven Seagal, and Shirley MacLaine, but they claimed to be mostly humble non-famous people.

Q. Is it possible to remember a past life without hypnosis?

I would never recommend hypnosis. Do things the normal clean way, no hypnosis. Seeing the past is the norm, that is when you learn universal law and do so for humility’s sake.

Q. I'm thinking of exploring past life regression through hypnosis but I'm afraid of the possible results and any long term negative impact.  Should I be?

You should be. No, no regression or hypnosis. Let the higher self show you when you’re ready, don’t force it. Don’t take calculus without first taking basic math. Learn universal law and the higher self will show you what you need to see when ready for it, not what/when you want to.

Q. Would past life regression work to understand my overwhelming fears?

Past knowledge, without knowing how to deal with it, can yield catastrophic results. It’s best to deep dive into your fears, what causes them, what causes those causes, etc. By knowing that, you know what the past is. But knowing the past without objectifying its mark adds to your problems rather than fix them.

Q. What happens in past life regression using hypnosis? Any potential danger?

Yes! In regression, it could be you coming through, it could be an astral force. As I’ve mentioned before, you can’t be sedated to face your past, you must be alert, learn to test the spirits, and know yourself.

Q. Can I really do a past life regression over the phone or Skype? Or does it need to be done in person?

Neither are necessary. I advise that only your higher self, and no one else, do your regression. Interacting with others can help inspire a memory because it makes you act out the “past part” with them, and it’s free. You must be alert to all your thoughts and actions, they are “live” regressions.

Q. Is one’s status in the afterlife a reward or punishment for our conduct during life?

We make the afterlife by our desires here. We can’t go where we don’t like or understand, so you reap what you sow. Follow universal laws and creation will upgrade your post life vantage point because you will be sync with it. Be selfish and drown in your own negative creation.

Q. I believe reincarnation is nonsense. An untested and unproven theory. Makes for good conversation but basically lacking scientific evidence.

It’s fine to think that way. I’m not here to make converts, or followers. But I would ask, what proof do you have proving it’s an untested and unproven theory? Did you arrive at that conclusion yourself, or were you influenced by someone else? Is that source of yours really fit to venture into the subject? Is it a Big Religion or Big Science employee? See, I hear a lot of word of mouth. The sad part is antagonists have nothing to show for it, other than malformed references, blindly quote someone that said so, or feel like it. Of course there’s proof.

In previous radio shows, I showed tons of evidence beyond reproach, including scientific findings right down to string and atomic theory, virtual space, M-theory dimensions, debriefed children, I’m one of them, bible quotes until the cows come home and still more disbelief? I prepared evidence for those that honestly want facts. If you haven’t found it, you have not looked. My site and Legacy has it, go have a look.

Q. Several years ago I had a near death experience. I had a heart attack and my heart stopped for several minutes. What I experienced was peaceful, pleasant, a very positive experience. Will this be what the after life is like?

Same happened to me. I like to call it, perfect inner harmony. But for others, upon transition off the physical plane, they might refuse this goodness and side with the other guys, the basement mafia. Then, it’s not so pleasant. What you take with you is what you get.

Q. What happens when we die? What do you remember from your experiences? Are you aware of what is happening?

I was conscious through a death experience, felt how the body went numb, tingled, vision faded. Then, I woke up above the body feeling relieved, calm, free of my lower self, like I just taken a shower. Indescribable freedom. The return was quite the opposite, crud regained, numbing went away, and got locked into this plane again.

Q. I saw a person on television last year who was talking about a near death experience. They said although it was a nice experience they chose to come back because this life is worth living. Can they be true, can you choose?

Without physical experiences, you can’t progress as an advanced soul. But it’s wise to “fix” your life rather than mess it up with excesses and pleasures. You must come back to finish your mission. Otherwise, if you return and insist in collecting more crud, skipping school, and living for physical excess, you’re failing your mission and it means more work for you next time. You’re here on a mission from your higher self to tame your lower self and teach it temperance, the way of life in other worlds, and higher dimensions. Life is only worth it if you’re doing your homework as you should.

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