Supplement Dose
Gymnema sylvestre 400 mg
Turmeric / Curcumin mix 500 mg
Ginger 1.1 g
Milk Thistle 240 mg
Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food, Green Super Food 11 g
Vegetable powder protein 20 g
Water with lemon juice 30 mL juice
1/4 gallon water
Arugula, Bok Choy, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard and mustard greens, kale, radish, turnip, watercress Daily balanced nutrition
Alpha-Lipoic Acid Daily balanced nutrition
Vitamins B6, B9, B12, Biotin Daily balanced nutrition
Vitamin C, E Daily balanced nutrition
Selenium 6 Brazil nuts, 544 mcg
L-cysteine 93 g soy, 593 mg
L-glutamic acid 1 oz sunflower seeds, 1.21 g
Glycine Seaweed 2.5 g
Spinach 1.5 g

Your mileage may vary and certain allergies may limit your application of the above formula.

Vibrations (sounds, energy, colors) do affect the body in more ways than can be sensed, but even more so what we think and eat. It is also important to breathe fresh air, exercise, and avoid sitting down for long periods of time. Elimination of processed products is an important step in eliminating the accumulation of toxins and degenerative physical conditions. Also, cleanliness, as the body needs to expel freely (breathing, skin, scalp) waste products throughout the day.

Let us remember that, by universal law, a lettuce leaf on its own turns to seeds and that is the extent of its experience. By ingesting it, it experiences a higher level of service in creation’s greater scheme. Meat however does not undergo such process for it is not live food but rather the once living overcoat of an intelligent specie sacrificed before it could complete its life cycle.

Why seek health?

I suffered seven years from an ailment known as Pemphigus. I had an advanced case of it and my body was covered with itchy, burning, bleeding burnt sores. I could not sleep or stand the pain and itch from these sores. I struggled with periodic panic attacks that lasted for weeks bed-ridden, keeping sane by counting zero-one over and over again to fall asleep. It was a life-ending event and three years were all I had left, according to doctors. Death by the ailment, or by Prednisone. But, there was another choice, one I discovered by accident: proper diet.

I turned vegetarian overnight, cold turkey. No more red meats, yellow cheeses, salts, sugars, milk, and fatty products. I adopted soy milk and fake meat, slowly easing more and more into raw vegetarianism. In addition, I followed a strict detox regiment that included liver/gallbladder wash cycles. The process was just as torturous as the ailment itself, not to mention the unforgettable despicable flavor of physical degaussing remedies. However, after three months, the condition began to vanish until it was all gone. After a year, I was pronounced Pemphigus free and have been so to date, holding fast to a new vegetarian diet free from inadequate earthly meals.

* use in moderation and seek health monitor advise. Overdosing can be dangerous to your health

Liver and overall physical health formula.

We are what they ate, reason a vegetarian diet is so important. Vegetables are for the most part out of our system in 24 hours while meats can take from days to years. Eating should not be for rare sensory delight but to keep the body engine well-tuned and healthy.

We live with a fourth generation genetic degenerative disease caused by lower energies not only of this world but the mind. This ailment impacts the liver such that it shrinks with time and blood flow decreases as the years go by. While corrective DNA treatment is beyond the reach of present-day science, much can be done to keep it healthy and help it along. I use a daily meal supplement to help liver recovery and its function, described as follows: