Letter Value Constituents Description
Nun 50 50 * 10 Consciousness during pre-existence, the mind state while living in spiritual realms before becoming physical, humility, eternal living in His wisdom
Pei 80 8 * 10 Mouth of the wicked, made terrestrial from creation, eternal living in His wisdom
Yud 10 1 * 10 From the beginning, God's wisdom, knowledge of creation, eternal living in His wisdom
Lamed 30 3 * 10 Reach out to God's wisdom, the fountain of life after death for temporary repose before being born anew, eternal living in His wisdom


The word is made up of four letters: nun, pei, yud, and lamed. If you remove yud and add alef at the end (npla instead of npyl, which is a base derivative since yud adds carry value only) you come up with the astronomical giant, which is ... the constellation of Orion. “In those days, there were Giants,” Gen 6: 4.

The word Giants is Nephyl. It also means, bully, faller, and tyrant. The following is a description given by Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon, a reference to Strong’s H5303. Descriptions found at:


As in times of old, Orion has been considered both the hunter and the fallen, the wayward giant that resorted to death instead of following God's wisdom which is to live, die, spend time in heaven, and return back to life after "rest" with lessons learned. That's the basic meaning of nephiyl. It is a warning as well as a challenge to the seeker. The breakdown below helps get the gist of the word from its component parts. Notice "Yud" comes up "4" times (the number 10 under the Constituents column in the table below), the number for rest or reincarnation (Shabbat):


  • 170 total (Nun + Pei + Yud + Lamed). Meaning: God's wisdom, His knowledge, He is against weapons and death
  • 8 (17 yields to 1 + 7 = 8 or chet). From the beginning, there has been death, afterlife, and return to physical life again (this is the meaning of Shabbat, the day of rest)

"Rough" interpretation of the word nephiyl:

His wisdom is to embrace humble eternal living between spiritual and physical states where we are tested (on earth) by wicked physical experiences


Resorts to death rather than seeking God's wisdom to live, die, spend time in heaven, and return back after Shabbat (spiritual sojourn) with lessons learned