Scientific Discussion Topics

Q. I use drugs to have visions. What’s wrong with getting a little help, or learning by trying?

If you feel you must try, then you don’t know. If you know, you must not try. Drugs are a crutch, you don’t need them, just train your mind instead. Drugs are really an escape mechanism that closes the door on your higher self and promote lower pleasure centers, inviting lower thought forms into your mind, hurting the body, and inflating the ego. Only the higher self can provide you answers and visions, drugs violate your conditioning. Even hypnosis and some forms of meditation block the higher self because it should be the loudest voice in you. If it isn’t, then figure out what controls you. You’re not the boss, the higher self is, and objectifying is the key to listening to the higher self.

Q. What is a soul? Is it distinct from your body? Can you change it?

A soul is an individual’s energy collective, constructed and changed through countless evolutionary cycles by the process of experience. It isn’t the body, but it affects it. The body is a transceiver, like a submarine you use to experience life beneath the spiritual surface or space suit to be in space. You build it up from early conception and place your consciousness on it to experience this plane and all energies you created here for corrective purposes.

Q. Does everything have a soul, even animals?

Great question. Everything is infinite energy, air, rocks, atoms, soul are intelligent energy collectives, so everything is or has a soul and nothing is solid. So, everything is spirit, our soul, atoms, everything.

Q. Do you have any control of your visions?

I never do. They are for medicinal purposes to solve personal issues-behavior. I don’t ask, guess, or use conscious mind to figure it out. Conscious mind contaminates evidence. Everything must come at the right time and for the right reasons. And as far as reading for other people, that’s doing people’s homework for them. It’s best for everyone to learn to solve their own problems and get their own answers.

Q. You said your visions started when you were a child. Is it common for children to receive these visions?

That’s what we mostly see when young, visions, until we get exposed to make-believe stuff like stories, TV, cell phones, and games, not to mention mundane infliction. By then, we’ve been retooled, retuned, to only see what surrounds us.

Q. Is a near death experience similar to a visit?

It can be. I’ve had two NDEs where I didn’t make it to the light tunnel. In visions, I did cross the tunnel and came to different planes of existence, and those were visits.

Q. When you are on a visit, are you in the future or past?

In higher dimensions, there is no past or future, I’m on their time base separate from our universe. I know, hard to conceive. When I see a past event, it came from memory. If I see the future, as was the case with Benedict 16, that’s a timeless message from the higher self.

Q. Is astral projection real? Can I have a willful out of body experience?

It is real, but willfully doing so is dangerous. That’s like going to stranger lands without a guide, you could be lost for good. Never engage in anything the higher self doesn’t guide you through. Being willful about it means you put the higher self aside and you call the shots, not wise.

Q. Can you induce an out of body experience?

Rarely. I opt to have my higher self take care of that for it knows the best time and place for it to happen. My conscious mind doesn’t.

Q. Is astral projection the same as astral travel? Can this be done intentionally or only in dreams?

Anything intentional not guided by the higher self should be avoided, though the event happens awake or asleep. Projection is a now type of thing, while travel can cross time barriers.

Q. Several years ago I had what I would call a near death experience.  Was that a glimpse of another life?

A life beyond this one in a higher state of consciousness, yes. A past life, chances are not.