Alien Beings Discussion Topics

Q. Are aliens able to harm or help us, especially with medical or technological advancements?

They can, depending on who they are and what they want from us. Not all aliens are aligned with infinite progressive intelligence, and achieving space technology, as is the case with us today, doesn't necessarily make them or us benign.

Q. What human traits upset aliens? How do they respond?

Any alien, or us for that matter, that gets upset with the way someone is, looks, speaks, or reacts isn’t infinitely inspired. A brother is a brother unconditionally, we on earth violate that rule every second if not sooner. Look how we react at times with our own flesh brothers, not to mention non-flesh. Me first, you last kind of thing, no love. Advanced beings would never react to our ways because there’s no such thing as an insult. They understand why we hurt, steal, and demean each other quite well, and we should too.

Q. Are you able to understand and appreciate the technology? Will we ever be able to implement it here on Earth?

We’re on our way to do so, and reading Legacy might help us get there faster. All kidding aside, spirit MUST be held way above technology, or Atlantis and Lemuria will repeat all over again. Ask not what spirit can do for technology, ask what technology can do for spirit.

Q. I recently read a news story from England that said aliens are watching us and could arrive on earth in 20 years. Is that possible?

They have been here before, are here now, and will be here always. But know that beings landing here would interrupt our evolution and that would be a really bad thing. It would be an escape mechanism for us and an impediment to our evolutionary needs. Whatever being did that at the wrong time or with the wrong people will no doubt, in their next life, have to incarnate here and pay the piper for some time to come. Still, many already have and secret deals have been, shall I say, put in place. That, friends, is interference.

Q. Do aliens visit us and for what purpose?

They sure do. Some are benign while others not very nice. Purposes vary, but just because they have flying saucers doesn’t mean they’re benign. Look at the European conquest of America. They came from afar in big boats, were they benign toward American natives? Not all were.

Q. Is there advanced life on Mars?
Indeed, and I have NASA pictures on my website showing buildings, domes, hangars, animals, vegetation. Have a look.

Q. Can you show scientific evidence of aliens?

Absolutely. My website is filled with actual NASA pictures from the Moon, Mars, even Saturn, not photoshop creations. These include buildings, space craft, and animals. I even posted a photo taken by the Zacatecas, Mexico observatory back in the 1800’s. But let’s leave modern photography aside, how about ancient paintings like the Nurnberg 1641 wood cut, the Madonna and Child, the 14th century Life of Mary, or the Burgandy Magnificent? I recently found Egyptian hieroglyphs with actual aliens and space craft on them … for reals. Go to my site and have a look.

Q. Is there intelligent life elsewhere?

Up there, absolutely, verified. Down here? I doubt it.

Q. Are aliens watching us?  Have they ever interfered in what we do on earth?

They sure are, and sure have. Those that interfere, I assure you, are going to be doing time by incarnating here, reason we shouldn’t interfere with others’ beliefs or inclinations because by doing so we commit to return then even more.

Q. Do you believe in UFO's?  If so what are they and from where?

More than believe, I know, seen, met, and talked face to face. Some are human, others just about everything, and they reside in every star in the heavens, and every planet in our system, and countless dimensions.

Q. Do you fear these beings from other universes?

Lower astrals and technically non-spiritually advanced beings, I stay away from them. They’re not going my way. I side with the positive.

Q. Are aliens more advanced than we are?

Some are more, some less. Some are just taking their first steps as humanoids while others no longer need bodies but are clothed by mind energy. And there are forms beyond that we can’t even conceive.

Q. Does the Bible tell us if there is life on other planets? I recall reading that God created Heaven and Earth and put man on it. I guess could go either way. Is there further clarification?

Yes indeed, and do I have a surprise for you. Feast your eyes on my website Science tab, Bible and UFOs. I do a deep Hebrew dive, showing Gen 2:1, a house-sized 33’ x 17’ flying scroll in Zechariah 5. Take Deu 4: 19, “When thou seest the sun, moon, and stars, even all the hosts [tsaba'] of heaven … which the Lord God spread unto all people ['am] under all heavens.” Judges 5: 20.

Take this from one of the church founders: “We see that not then for the first time did Divinity begin its work, when it made this visible world: but just as after the destruction of this visible world, there will be another world, its product, so also we believe that other worlds existed before the present came into being.” Origen, de Principiis, Bk.3, ch. 3, sec.3

Q. Several emails on pilots reporting close encounters with UFOs over Phoenix within minutes of each other the afternoon on Feb 28th.

It’s rare for the FAA to release this information, isn’t it? Most refreshing and rewarding to see. More sauce for the goose.

Q. I was watching tv news and someone who was able to barely escape a burning home said someone was watching out for them. Got me to thinking. Do people from other worlds look over us? Can they protect us?

They do advise, yes, but the circumstances under which that happens is not only different for each individual but rather complex. There's that non-interference clause, so good samaritry cannot be made a dependency. The rule also applies to us as well, how we interfere with other people, the help, teachings, and assistance we give them ... these must be 1000% selfless and guided by the higher self, that’s your primary advisor, else you go down with the sinking ship you’re trying to rescue.

Q. When you visit other worlds how do you get there? Are you transported on some type of advanced spacecraft? Just curious.

Hard to explain, I don’t understand it that well. At times, my consciousness is literally pulled away while awake and, there I am. At other times, it happens when I’m asleep, but this is the least of times. Only once was I taken into a craft. It literally entered my bedroom, yes, through the walls. I was awake. Once in, I don’t recall the rest.

Q. Does the bible in your interpretation acknowledge aliens or visitors from other worlds? My pastor says a firm no.

As expected. Do something your boss doesn’t approve of and watch what happens. Of course he’ll say no. Review the evidence and NASA pictures on my website. At the science tab, review Bible & UFOs. After that, it’s up to you if you want to believe the word of a man instead of hard scientific photographic evidence. Let’s see how your pastor deals with that! Actually no, he’ll say, it’s the devil. By the way, I have a write up on that disarming strategy as well.

Q. Are the creatures you have encountered on your visits been in human form? Are they just like us? Do they have advanced features? How did you communicate? Do they speak English?

More human and beautiful than us, inside and out. All communication was mental, except Alpha Centauri where it was a mix. All English of course, but on Mars I had a mix of their language which I somehow knew and wrote down. You’ll see that language used in Legacy.

Q. Why would these creatures who are apparently visiting us not make themselves known? Do they feel we could handle it?

Our behavior threatens them, that’s why they stay away just as you would if you approached a lion’s den. They test us but we fail. It’s not that we’ll panic, no. We will attack them, or stop evolving and escape responsibility of coaching our ego. Besides, think of the impact to political, civil, religious, and scientific establishments. As a kid, when I saw grandma, I got excited because she wasn’t as strict as mom and could get away with a lot of things mom didn’t allow. You think seeing aliens is like visiting grandma? Think again, you have no idea how strict they are. Until we conquer ego and our establishments humble down and open up, it’s no go.

Q. I've seen a number of recent news stories on the military encountering UFOs. In December the Defense Department released several videos of encounters between Navy jets and unidentified craft. In one video it appeared the craft was part of a fleet. Other similar videos and stories have also been in the news. Your thoughts please. Could these be from other planets?

Yes. Matter of fact, I posted these video links on my website. Go to Science, then Bible and UFOs. I have several not just from Earth but the Moon, Mars & Saturn. Also, go to the Evidence tab and have fun there. I have Peruvian friends that have sightings on demand, invites the media, and they film them live. Bon appetite!

Q. How advanced are their spacecraft? Is it more advanced than we can understand?

Try explaining an iPod to a chicken. In Legacy, I provide technical information on how these craft work and are constructed. That’s a most basic explanation. Flight logistics and energy mitigation in both air and space I describe on my website.

Q. What would it take for Brothers to get involved and be part of life on earth?

For us to be partly like them at heart, not just looks. Are we like them? Do we objectify our every thought, testify them, want nothing from no one, don’t get angry when someone tells we’re wrong and love ourselves regardless? Give that serious thought.

Q. Do you think it's possible that mankind will ever get to meet aliens from other civilizations?

People meet them all the time, but some reject these contacts out of jealousy. With a wicked heart and doing nothing about it, how can aliens ever be with us?

Q. Is it possible aliens visit us frequently but are in a different dimension that we can't see? I'm thinking of them be like guardian angels possibility. Guiding us without our direct knowledge.

Yes to all the above. They are our more advanced brothers and do care for us, but have lines of engagement they must obey on their missions. Some beings are not friendly, example who our government made deals with.

Q. If we ever make it to Mars, what will we find there?

Vegetation, water, buildings, animals. I have NASA pictures that show them on my website. Want to see some of them? Ric, can I share my screen?

Q. Can aliens influence our actions on earth, either good or bad?

Yes. Not only physical but also spiritual beings, and you have good and bad ones out there. They’re not supposed to interfere, only deliver messages you left for yourself before being born. But there are beings that want you enslaved and the planet scrubbed of its resources. That’s what the government signed up for. Give us technology, take people, they are expendable for the cause.

Q. From what you have seen, how advanced are other worlds?

Let me paint the picture with this analogy. We’re animals compared to the least developed, viruses to the next level up, and atoms to the highest. Yet, there are beings higher still.