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When the word "Atlantis" is mentioned, everyone seems to be an expert on the subject. Most recall the name Plato, very few Solon, and that's it, unaware of all story details. No wonder Atlantis is considered a myth. But did you know there are over 36 references to Atlantis in history, not just in Greece but worldwide? By the way, that history (written) dates back to at least 4,000 BC, and its oral version goes back 12,000 years. Big game changer, isn't it? These references not only mention but describe Atlantis to great detail, even give sufficient global positioning coordinates and travel timeframes to locate it within a few miles. Here are the facts of Atlantean non-fiction, see for yourself.

600 - 300 BC:

​590 BC
, Solon, Atlantica. Atlantis epic poem learned from Sais priests, Egypt, story passed on to Dropides
460 BC, Hellanicus, Atlantis. Chronology mentioning Poseidon and Atlas
450 BC, Herodotus, Histories. Calls Atlantic “Atlantis Ocean,” describes Atlantean tribe in North Africa
400 BC, Syrianus, confirms Atlantis as fact
380 BC, Theopompos, Greek historian, wrote of Atlantis huge size and cities, golden age free from disease and manual labor
350 BC, Plato, Timeas/Critias. Deep account of Atlantis events, destruction about same time as Turin Papyrus
350 BC, Aristotle, large island Antilia in the atlantic
340 BC, Bhavishya, Purana. Mentions White Island Atala in west sea, inhabited by Sun worshipping Magas
300 BC, Crantor, Commentary on Timaeus. Sais priests show him temple columns Solon saw

300 BC - 0 AD:

​200 BC, Manetho, Siriadic columns in Egypt having knowledge of Atlantis
140 BC, Poseidonus, beyond Hercules Stone was Atlanta or Poseidonis
100 BC, Marcellus, Ethiopic History. Canary islanders preserve Atlantis traditions, 10 islands
60 BC, Diodorus, ancient Greek historian wrote that thousands of years earlier Phoenicians visited large Atlantic island
60 BC, Timagenus, Greek historian wrote of war between Atlantis and Europe, ancient French tribes said that was their original home
50 BC, Statius Sebosus, LOCATION REFERENCE. 40 days sail from Cape Verde Islands, gateway to Atlantis
​25 BC, Strabo, Geography. Claimed Plato’s account was not the work of fiction

​25 BC, ​Plutarch, wrote about lost continent in his book Lives

15 BC, Philo Judaeus, accepts Atlantis reality


100 AD, Pomponius Mela, puts Atlantis in southern temperate zone

200 AD, Tertullian, connects flood story with Atlantis sinking

230 AD, Claudius Aelianus, referred to Atlantis in his work The Nature of Animals

320 AD, Arnobius, accepts reality of Plato's Atlantis
450 AD, Proclus Lycaeus, describes 7 small Persephone and 3 large Poseidon islands in Outer Ocean

550 AD, Cosmas Indicopleustes, quotes Timaeus on ten kings

1200 AD, Codex Cortesianus, Atlantean destruction
1300 AD, Dresden Codex, Atlantean destruction
1500 AD, Chilam Balam, Atlantean destruction

1500 AD, Popuhl Vuh, Atlantean destruction


Frysian Ore Linda, large Atlantic island Atland destroyed by earthquakes, tidal waves

American natives, believe their origins are in a large Atlantic sunken land

Carib Indians: Amaicaca survivor from big flood

Ge Indians, Brazil: Mai-Ra, king and survivor of sunk non-evil island

Argentine Indians: Mataco flood

Maidu and Pomo Indians: Kuksu destruction and deluge

Paraguayan Indians: huge wave of migrations from Atlantis


​Island in west, Atlantic Ocean: 10 references, not counting native American references

​10 kings/islands: 3 references

10-year war: 3 references

Actual geographic location: 2 references

atlantis IN HISTORY


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4000 - 600 BC:

4000 BC
, Egyptian Book of the Dead. King Thoth ruled an island in the west destroyed by water, brought survivors to Egypt
2000 BC, Vishnu Purana, India. LOCATION REFERENCE. Locates White Island “Atala” in Western Ocean, same latitude as the Canary Islands
1300 BC, Turin Papyrus. Lists 10 god-kings in foreign country whose rule ends in 9850 BC

1190 BC, Sanchuniathon, Phoenicia History. Calls ancient kings “Aletean” kings, gives legend of Thoth, Atlas

735 BC, Hesiod, Theogeny. Titans lose 10-year battle, imprisoned beneath Western Ocean

600 BC, Mahabharata, Karna Parva. After 10-year war, Atala island sinks into Western Ocean

ancient atlantean artifact?

What appears to be a ceremonial head stone about 2-3 feet in length was dug up by Buzz Erlington-Ford, one of the art contributors for this book project, from his backyard in northwest St. Lucia island.

The artwork design is unique, impossible to duplicate by ancient Carib and Siboney cultures in their time. Perfect symmetry, precision blade-thin crevice cuts. Buzz is looking for more