To succeed in our mission, we must discover, recognize, learn from and correct emotions, and express higher objectives learned in-between physical lives on higher spiritual planes of existence.

Anything outside of this need (such as goods, desire, power, will, self), is an excess contrary to the mission.

Excesses are earthly traps, possessive disorders that de-evolve and extend the number of future missions or reincarnations that can keep us grounded here for tens of thousands of years.

Life must set itself apart from unnecessary needs, excesses, and distractions, and focus instead on respecting infinite principles and the reincarnation mission.

Restoration requires regenerating dimensional DNA patterns that are distorted in this dimension by negative thought waveforms , be these from past memories, evolutionary or reincarnation woes, or thought behaviors.

These negative thoughts act as a dampening field that blocks or interferes with normal download processes from dimensional regenerative DNA patterns found in our higher psychic anatomy.

Once these dampening thoughts are removed by objectivity, the proper flow of higher energy is restored and the body is brought back to health.

The body must also be properly maintained by following a vegetarian diet rich in protein and minerals that promote anti-oxidant production, mainly Glutathione.

Refer to the SCIENCE tab for more information on dietary requirements and the EVIDENCE tab for full details of the Alpha Centauri experience.

Past negative experiences are the reason for all physical and mental ailments.

Everyone on Earth suffers from a genetic degenerative liver disease.

This is why people age so quickly.

It is due to a fourth generation ailment that requires intrusive liver DNA restoration, followed by DNA alignment throughout the entire body by means of splicing techniques.

Men of earth lead a sad life, designed to hurt and steal from each other rather than prosper and serve the infinite.

We thus create negative invisible spiritual forces that possess and control us. This is called the lower self.

Reincarnation is a mission of our consciousness. It is meant to bring higher wisdom to that lower self and evolve it upward.

When we reincarnate, we come predestined to face various challenges, learn from and overcome them. That is our mission. In all instances, there is nothing we cannot handle in life or that keeps us from succeeding in our mission.